I really like this one:) I hope you guys like this! 

Have a great day!

638x638 -TwinkledStar

{Tappers} I really like this one:) I hope you guys like this! THANKS FOR 0.5k! Have a great day!

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no problem
hi there amazing collager!! hope you’re doing well!! just want to notify you that I’m currently holding an icon contest on my page for when I change my account name!! I would really appreciate it if you would contribute and make me an icon!! there will be some pretty cool prizes too!! anyway, sorry for the self ads and stuff but yeah.. enter if you like!! tyyy, Pippa x
hi there!! results and round 2 are out for the Halloween Games!! so sorry for the delay!! if you don’t enter this round then you will be eliminated!! thanks, Pippa and the hacc_my_acc team!!
Hello! I absolutely LOVE this collage! I was wondering if it’d be okay to feature this collage on my account? Thank you! 🥰
tysm for understanding and not getting worked up:) congrats anyway tho
this is so cute!
np and I hope you get better soon beautiful 💛
gorgeous 💙❤️
hi ile ❣️
having a cold?
I am so confused lol
ohhh lol now I understand and I don’t know why it is slow
your welcome it’s beautiful like you💙🥰
umm nevermind :)
This is so pretty
oooo prettyyyy
thanks so much!
love u milkshake
no problem!
tysm 😘😘😘😘
I’m changing my username! Please come and have ur say! All you have to do is remix what u like! Thanks!
ok :) sorry I accidentally deleted your comment whoops
ok :)
I misss u....🥺
I love u sissy 🥺
hi :)
how you doing love ?
ya I feel ya
what why are you cutting ? stop cutting it isn’t going to help
well please stop ok ?
that’s a bad addition ! maybe you instead of cutting listen to music, write, read, go hang with friends , do something other than cut ok ?
yes it is so please stop
I'll just comment on here //V
I love ya //V
hey :)
how you doing ?
ok well I hope that better gets amazing soon !
I’m doing alright
oh fun ! I’m walkways going to the gym I only 4 sorts so I’m always active
always* play* sports*
ya I’ll be ight
oh well cheering is a lot of work it’s self isn’t ?
ok thanks love ❤️
same with you
where was u 🥺I was panicking I didn’t want to lose u I was afraid sissy
I mean the entire world to me 🙈🥺💕
u* not l
hiiii ❤️
lleanna am I’m a bad person 🥺I feel like people mad at me for no reason idk ..
I feel like I’m annoying to people..
awwwww u calll me my nickname hehehehehe🙈😊
I’m in the classroom that me and Mariah are together but she not here🥺
wyd milkshake 🙈
milkshake i missssss u🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
text me when u get up 🥺I love u
I’m going to cry I miss my milkshake 🥺
I misss my cutie pie💕💕💕