#2nd collage of my new and first themed collage series that’s called “Underrated” and this is also my entry to @tr0uvai11e ‘s contest💙💙


🫐30/Jan./2022🫐-tap- #2nd collage of my new and first themed collage series that’s called “Underrated” and this is also my entry to @tr0uvai11e ‘s contest💙💙

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this looks so good!
some people know me as Golden, but my real name is Jennasis so you can call me that :)
Thank you!😊
Also I finished the first day of the horse competition!🎉
Yea I'm ready for the challenge
That's okay!!
So we have to make a simple collage like just a background and than a text do you know what I'm talking about??
Yep just finished
Want to remix it to each other’s post?
this is so pretty!
and tysm! I can’t wait
Sorry the challenge was super short
What time is it were you are?
lovely ❤️
Mine time is 8:08 where I am
I'm already getting tired from today lol! 💤
this is beautiful!! thank you so much for the follow 💕
Your probably just tired because you just woke up that’s how I was this morning too
I'm going to go to bed now sorry we could not talk for long I'm just really tired!
aww ty! I appreciate it :)
I’m good, you?
love this
I love this !
thank u sof😆💓💓and I'll def make a special post for the 100 followers, i'll probably give you and the other amazing collages on the app a shoutout!! ✨💕
Thank you ❤
This is stunning 😍
i love this so much!! 😭💓😍😍
omg! did you change your name?
i love it!
Good morning/Good Night lol!💤☀️
thank you!!😭✨💖
It’s ok I just kept waiting and waiting because I wanted to talk to you since we barely got to talk yesterday night/morning
extracocoa made me this icon I have on right now I love it
Yea it’s so sad but I 100% understand I commented on there page
Just asking have you ever got a fan page??
Sadly no it’s been my dream on here since I started I have too dreams one to get a feature and two to get at least 1-2 fan pages!❤️
How did. you not get a fan page yet your account is amazing and gorgeous!!
I wish I had one though but maybe I will eventually get one soon!😊
Awwwwww thank you so much!🥲🥲💞💞
I will make a fan page for you right now your too sweet!!❤️
January 8th
I'm so sad right now it will not let me do a new account so I can't make you a fan page I'm so sorry I'll try again later!!😢
I think you can use your same email
I'm so sorry it will not let me make one I really want too though!!😢😢
It’s 100% ok we will both get there very soon!!❤️
I'll ask my sister if she can try and make one for you
Awwwwwwww thank you your super sweet too!❤️
Your probably are getting sleepy so I'm going to let you go to bed sleep you talk to you more later!❤️😊
Sorry so late with this response
awww tysm!
hi! u have been accepted as one of 10 contestants. remember to finish you collage before the end of next Sunday! see you then! good luck!
i love this :))
aww tysmmm!!!
This looks amazing!
Tysm for your kind comments! I'll miss you forever, ty for being so kind to me and such an incredible friend! Ilysm Sofia!!!! I hope you're still here if I ever come back! Goodbye, H 💞<3 xxx
No, I'm not. I just like writing and I do it a lot :)
Thank you!
Your account is to die for! 🤩
like this is a masterpiece
my collab with h_perfect_planet has been posted! (also read the post preceding that one for info)
tysm!! i love the username change💕
when will you post the collab? 💕
PS: this is gorgeous 🙂
thank u sof❤️ yeah i'm resting rn lol i'm out of energies today ehehhe😭😂💓
You’re welcome! Thank you! And of course! 😊
hi we’re not starting this yet plz unlike it bec we don’t want anyone to see it ty ❤️
tysm!!! sorry if I sounded rude it was just supposed to be a surprise 😂
where do you live?
that is so cool!!! don’t think I’m a stalker … I just saw on sweet_lavenders new post that you said that it’s feb already so I was wondering !
good job!😂
thank you so much!❤️ I know they make me hungry too!😂😂
oh wow that cool! well happy February!
btw this is gorgeous!
I’m good hru?
thx for asking ❤️
lucky you!
I’m bored too 😂
I’m wondering if you would like to be friends?
I like your name
my name is Evelyn but you can call me Evi:))
ofc ❤️
thank you so much 😊
well in 6th grade one girl from my class showed me that you can make collages but I didn’t know that you could have an acc but than my brother told me and I got so exited so yeah
that’s coo!
how many siblings do you have?
4 including me and I’m the oldest too lol
do you like to be the oldest?
do you play any instruments?
violin and a little bit piano
and I’m actually playing violin rn lol