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hey i’m aubrey
how are you ?
pretty good honestly, i’m loving your hair
aw thank you
i’m down, what did you have in mind?
okay! i’ll meet you down by the pool?
*puts on a hot pink bikini smiling coming out back as my txts show and my ahh shows and my body is all nice and tan*
awe thanks *does a spin as my ahh jiggles*
*nods walking over towards the steps as my ahh jiggles hard*
*walks down the steps getting in the poolI
*smiles at you*
*swims around*
*swims around the pool*
sure *swims over to you smiling*
thanks jaylyn
*pecks your lips going under*
*swims to the other side of the pool*
*goes and sits in the alcove*
*smiles looking at you*
come here babyboy
*smiles* let’s play a game , you pick
okay, you go first
be right here, with you
*sits on your lap* hmm pool or hot tub
*laughs hard* weirdooooo
i guess a mansion bc that’s always been a dream of mine to play hide in go seek in a big house
mm yeah *grinds on your lap a little* would you rather have a big wedding or be single and lose the one you love
really? crazy
i’ve always wanted a big family
i see that 😂
holy shii
u are the oldest?
that’s crazyy *smiles* wanna do something crazy
*gets off your lap* come get me daddy *starts to swim away*
*smirks swimming faster*
i was naughty, what are you gonna ? *looks you up and down*
*plays with your swim trunk strings*
*bites my bottom lip hard*
*lets a moan slip*
*moans softly*
*moans playing with your curls*
mmm daddy
*nods smirking as i moan*
*screams your name pulling on my bikini top*
*rubs my clxt moaning*
*screams cxming*
*moans your name throwing my head back*
*feels it fill me* 🥵
*throws them to the side taking my top off as my giant txts bounce as i swim away from you giggling*
*swims over to you smiling* you have to carry me daddy
*holds on*
sits in the tub spreading my legs showing my pink wet pxxsy*
*moans kissing you*
ok thanks ?
hi daddy
how was tour training
aw i’m sorry
*kisses you* there all better
*kisses you again smiling*
you said that last time sir
oh really?
hey baby
how’d you sleep
aw i’m sorry
can i help with anything?
u sure?
okay, i can meet you somewhere
okay, do you want me to drive to your place then?
*texts you: ik upstairs just come on in when you get here then gets in the shower*
i’m upstairs*
i’m upstairs jay *showers*
*opens the curtain and has soap suds and water running down my tan thicc body* if you want daddy, but look at what’s on the counter *is two positive pregnancy tests*
*nods smiling*
i think so
*laughs smiling*
the baby voice? yeah
me too daddy *pulls your belt off*
*grabs your dxck* mm daddy come join me
*smiles looking up at you innocently*
*sits on the seat in the shower spreading my legs for you to have a nice view*
*grabs the body wash squirting it all over my body*
*rubs my body*
*stands up coming over to you in my walk in shower*
*lets you control me*
fxck daddy
*moans loudly*
harder pls ..
i’m not in the mood for this anymore , i’m really sorry *pushes you out getting out of the shower drying off*
jaylyn stop it *grabs your hand*
i never said that 😂
bc i don’t need someone watching us
*jumps on your dxck bouncing hard*
k then *gets off going downstairs*
hi! I’m kaylin!smiles*
what’s up
that’s fun
hey babe
what the fxck?
*hands you your child* fxck u
i carries your fxkcing child and that’s all you can say! fxck u
take care of my son . *leaves*
i hâte u
i carried your child and all you can say is “okay” . i can’t believe you
hi 😋
oh hey it wasn’t showing at first
I’m kaylin btw, hru?
I’m ok a little bored *laughs cutely*
sure, what u wanna do?
sits down*
smiles* you sure? runs hand up ur chest
sits on your lap as I gently kiss u*
slides my hand down ur chest stopping at ur bulge as I start to kiss your neck*
kisses multiple times leaving small hickies*
smirks as I slide off my crop top*
slips ur shirt off*
smiles as I flaunt my body* kisses u*
bites my lip watching u*
licks my lips as small moans escape from my mouth* ruffles ur hair up smirking*
wait why