collab with lily @moonlightcocoa who did the bg
quote by me, ik it doesn’t makes sense but myb it’s the beginning of a new poem. I truly apologise for the inactivity lately, sch has been draining me, literally. 
impt announcement in comments 💚


🧃31/1/22🧃 collab with lily @moonlightcocoa who did the bg quote by me, ik it doesn’t makes sense but myb it’s the beginning of a new poem. I truly apologise for the inactivity lately, sch has been draining me, literally. impt announcement in comments 💚

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so, basically im gonna be on another break for 2-3 reasons. one, my exams are coming up and half the term is alr gone- like wth- and it’s the end of jan- time flies too fast man 🥲. I would like to focus on my studies because my parents and honestly me, are setting high expectations/targets for me this year and I would like to reach them. two (and three), recently I haven’t been feeling like coming onto pc because I feel that pc is starting/already is kinda toxic and ppl are starting to disrespect others’ privacy etc. i mean would u want ppl to treat and respect you the way you want them to? like I mentioned in the caption, I honestly don’t have much time to spend on pc every single day. currently, I’m having a lot of inspiration block and I don’t feel motivated to do anyth at all, been procrastinating to do my work although one of my goals is to procrastinate lesser, how great am I 😃- sch has been tough honestly. new year, new class, new people. everything is new for me (or majority) and fitting in is rlly hard rn. I’m trying my best but honestly, I don’t see the point in trying anymore but then agn, I would h@te myself for not trying.
so I’ll be taking the month off february off for now, I will come online from time to time just to check on everyone and see what’s happening on here :) heads up, if I don’t reply you it’s either I didn’t see it or I didn’t have the time to reply you. I’ll try my best to be as active as much as possible after my break and hopefully maybe my motivation and inspiration comes back. likes and followers has been going down, to me it’s rlly impt but ik it shouldn’t be. I understand that it’s going down because I haven’t been active much on here, I don’t follow everyone, I don’t go onto everyone’s posts and like them all and I apologise for that. I’m pretty emotional and sensitive and I stand up for what I think is right even tho I may be wrong or we just don’t agree on the same things. main thing is that I’ll be on a break for the whole of february due to mainly my exams, I will come on from time to time but won’t be posting (unless it’s a repost of some deleted collages etc). that’s all for now, stay safe and drink lots of water (I didn’t and know I have a stupid swollen eye). I see that some of you are getting covid/ just down lately, so pls look after yourself :)
also sorry for the pc watermark covering the text, I did the text on another app and completely forgot abt the watermark itself. the text at the bottom says: and i wanna be you so badly
i shall offer my nails tehehehe
omg so sorry for not replying, i've been studying the whole day😩! btw yeah this version looks great, i'm gonna post it rn💓 it was great collabing with you, i truly had a lot of fun💗i'm gonna miss u loads while you're on your break, but you should definitely take all the time you need and focus on your exams, which is also what i'm trying to do as well eheheh, so i really understand you💕 if u ever wanna have a chat feel free to contact me, i'll try to stay as active as i can so hopefully i will reply you soon lol❤️
and yeah, i've just recently rejoined pc but i've seen some toxicity here and there, it's not great but i try my best to be kind and positive to everybody i interact with on here, cause that's the only way to make this app really work i guess💓
this is so pretty! btw take care <33
i diddntttt we just picked him up 😊
This is gorgeous, you did so well 😍
Also literally take all the time you need!! It's okay to take breaks and no one expects you to be on here, you know? Like pc is for fun and when it's not fun to you, you shouldn't force yourself to be on here. Good luck with your exams ❤❤
Thank you Lyly!
And this looks so beautiful! I love the layout!
Please take all the time you need. You come first!
This is so beautiful you too did a wonderful job!❤️
ahh this is so cool!! and the poem sounds like it’s gonna be so good ahh
@caption take all the time you need!! I know how stressful school and exams can get— good luck with your tests and everything :))
ah I feelmypu. school is soooo stressful. what grade you in again?
stunning!! you’re both SO talented 🤩
Judging for round 3 has been posted in the remixes of my latest post! Make sure to judge as soon as you can and thank you for staying true to your commitment!
Also, could you please share with me which emoji combo you were thinking of for the next round of the contest? Your judge feature will be the next round and I'd like to be prepared!
this is so pretty !! 😭😭
I’m going to miss you!! but I totally understand, your education comes first! also totally understand what you mean with pc becoming toxic it hasn’t been to bad (I was on another app that became so toxic such a long story tbh) and i always fear that’s going to happen with this app :( thankfully ppl haven’t been to bad to me on here though but sometimes it gets to much for me with the ppl who online date and talk about triggering subjects on here🥲 I don’t mind ppl who rant it just like kinda makes me depressed hearing what they have to go through ☹️ ANYWAYS….🤨 enjoy your break! take care of yourself and I hope school goes smoothly for ya <3
Yes! Next round, the contestants will be making a collage inspired by an emoji combo, like you suggested. I thought you would like to pick out the emojis!
hey girl! so, if you're still up for the review thing, i picked u, @KittyCat2008 and @Seaflower99 to be my helpers!💓
This is really pretty! I love these kind of collages! If I had one thing to critique, it would be that I can’t read the last sentence because of the pc logo, but otherwise I love this collage!!
ohh i love xoxo
This round is supposed to eliminate three people, so in a perfect world, 3 people would guess the aesthetic wrong, but if it doesn't line up like that we can do something else.
If more than 3 people do the wrong aesthetic, we can pick our least favorite out of the ones who got it wrong. Or if less than 3 people get the aesthetic wrong, we can choose-- in addition to the wrong aesthetic collages-- another least favorite so we can get 3 people.
love thisssss
this is Stunning!!!!!
hi! um so I was just wondering about the round for the collage showdown. if we get the aesthetic wrong do we fail or is our entry just based on the goodness of our collage?
omg thank youu💗😍
Aww it's so cute that you actually did that on your fridge!!
Haha yeah these are doodles, I did trace them though :)
Haha 7k doesn't even feel like much anymore to me, finished stories can be like 60k or more :)
Yeah they're all parts of the same story!! Right now I'm not really writing it yet, I got the story line kinda figured out and I wrote down some scenes I thought of. So they're just loose scenes and don't really follow each other up.
Thank you for all your sweet comments 🥰
yeh the voices can be scary but sometimes i manage to counter them with something positive :)
oh I see… thank you!
Ohhhh I could’ve sworn that I read that but I guess I didn’t! Sorry, it’s so beautiful! I h@te it when that happens so I always make everything in PC and work around it
Yeah, I mean like book length stories, so lots of chapters haha. Scenes I post on here are not even full chapter length usually :)
Aahh nooo you're not being dumb. I just use pc to post some scenes I really like, so usually it doesn't make lots of sense storywise, but I'm glad you're enjoying it!!
awww tysm!😊💗
nppp hru ❤️
My hair is actually red but nowhere near that red and not that long either
I had a little trouble picking my favorite flower as well and how are you doing with school and all?
thank you so much! this is amazing!
thank you! ❤️
aww tysm <3
ooo you definetly should !! (if you want to ofc) it sounds so good so far!
HAHAHSJ TYY :)) and yeah its been like a yr since ive been on, pc is so dead lol. tbh I have no idea what aesthetic the collage is girl, I was just throwing some pretty pics together
and ive been ok, getting better over time haha, how have you been?? :0
omg tysmmm!! ur so sweet I would love to be friends! and this is literally gorgeous
nahh same though I overshare way to much I shouldn’t though :/ i relate to that, studies r important but like i don’t rlly care for them… but like also i strive of academic success so… anyways!! I hope ur studies are going well!! love ya <33
you’re too kind STAWWP 💗💗💗😣 thank u thank u :’)
thank u :)
so true 😩
because i make them 😌
thank you so much!!😭💗and omg you need to try peanut butter ice cream, it's soooo good ;)
nppp I hope you do awesome in your exams!!!!
I just dyed it a couple weeks ago haha