just experimenting🤔  what do y'all think?

750x750 BR0KEN_M1ND

just experimenting🤔 what do y'all think?

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gawddd love this sis!
Wow, really cool~❤️
Add some details in the corners? But not too much to fit your simple concept.❤️
I like this
I love this❤️
I LOVE ur collages!!
hi ! I’m a new acc anyone wanna do follow for follow & shout out for shout out? also rlly great job 💓💓🎉
Congratulations on the feature!!! 👏❤️
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so gorgeous 👏✨
i would def cry if a bee got that close to my eye. lovely colors!
Love it!
love 💕 it
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do more like this!! it's really good ❤️❤️
omg congrats on the feature!! you so deserve it cuz this collage is STUNNING 💕
I love this so much you should totally continue the style!
we've posted something new. #patoorevolution