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cutest thing ever🥰but the handcuffs😳
I know goofball, but they are still 😳
-laughs softly throwing my hair up in a bun as I pick up Noah from his high chair- you wouldn’t dare
hmm -smirks and takes Noah upstairs setting him in his crib for his nap tucking him in and comes back down to you-
-softly smiles and. walks over to you-
hey jessi it’s Abby
just figured I see how your doing
-softly giggles and turns head around watching you-
that’s good
What if I say I love you -softly giggles and turns head-
-smiles and softly whines- Okay dadddyyyy I’m tired of being arrested bail me outtttt
Then take me there
-lets you-
-gasp- baby what are you doing I thought you were uncuffing me?
-tries moving letting out soft grunts- but why daddy I was a good girl?
-giggles and nods- yes sirrrr
-presses my thighs together biting lip-
-gasp and jiggles the cuffs as I try moving my wrist- h-holy fxck daddy
-moans curling my toes-
-drips watching-
about a year why?
-nods and smiles- yes baby we can do it
-bites lip bucking the cuffs again-
-bucks moaning-
-slides hands to your arms-
-moans gripping your arms- yes daddy
-moans louder as I spread legs open more- yes sir
-nods and moans moving my hand and rubs myself-
-moans louder as u feel you stretch me rubbing- Fxck daddy!
-moans rubbing as I begin to cxm-
-moan-in me daddy
why babe?
Omgosh -smiles wrapping up in a blanket-
Sleep well?
Noah cried all night, Mainly for attention
no it’s ok
yes sir I’m sure
-nods and goes to get Noah so I can feed him-
-grabs his bottle and feeds him as he holds it- After I finish feeding him
-finishes and burps him putting him back in his crop when done-
-comes down when finished-
idk u chose
omgosh I love that movie
Wait it was your birthday?
-gasp and jumps on you- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
What you wanna do today??
hmm -kisses your cheek- We can figure it out later, I’ll make you breakfast
-nods going to the kitchen-
-starts making breakfast-
||. -bounces in your arms-
thank you :) -m
||. -holds on-
||. -watches-
hey baby
Missing you
😔We barely talk anymore
we’ve missed you to
-smiles and walks to you-
-wraps arms and legs around you-
-slides finger into your hair- I love you to
It feels better to be in my daddy’s arms
-giggles and nods- otay daddy
-holds on-
hi hi
i miss you to
-smiles and kisses you back-
-nods fast and goes upstairs-
hi daddy
-crawls in your lap-
-smiles and deeply kisses you-
-wraps arms around your neck grinding and kissing-
-smiles and stops climbing off your lap-
-softly laughs and climbs on your lap grinding down-
-grinds harder kissing-
-kisses down your neck and slips my hands under your shirt grinding-
stops grinding and starts undoing your pants and I pulls them off sliding between your legs-
-looks up and jërks you as I speak- Umm I already did the eggs so I’m going to hid them in the backyard for him and he already has a basket
not on my side, they are doing the lockdown thing
awe cute
-smiles and nods jërking you as I begin to sxck on it-
-sxcks stroking roughly-
-pulls up- what?
-opens my legs as I’m dripping-
mmm daddy
-moans loudly-
Fxck daddy
-rubs it moaning-
-moans loud rubbing-
Happy Easter! -smiles and kisses Noah’s head then your lips-
-nods and smiles-
-follows grabbing his basket-
(you:)) -smiles and watches him-
-there’s 3 eggs near the tree-
hi daddy
My mom took Noah for the day, she wanted to spend time with him
Yeah, alright have a good day:)
no I’m just laying in bed
Doesnt matter to me:)
(is it pending?) -lays next to you-
-smiles and nods- sounds good, Noah is upstairs in his crib if you wanna see him, I picked him up earlier
-kisses back-
I love you to
whenever you want to
-moans holding your hair-
-squirts moaning-
mm Fxck daddy
Okay baby
Awe imyt
Hi baby -hugs you-
-kisses back-
Babygirl missed you to daddy
Umm Hmm I don’t know daddy
-smiles and holds on nodding-
-holds on playing in your hair-
-lays on the bed pulling you between my legs-
-bites my lip as I slid my hand in your boxers tilting head a bit-
-sits up unclipping my bra-
-has on a purple laced thxng on under as I watch-
-becomes wet watching you-
-bites lip watching-
-partes lips letting outa soft moan- (daddy I’m not getting your notifications)
-moans- (recent)
-moans loud-
I miss you to, didn’t really think you were active anymore
well I’m leaving on the twentieth so we have ambit of time left together before I leave for three months
I’ll be back
I’ll be back before you know it
Well I’m not going to leave till the20th babe -hugs back-
hi daddy
I’m missing you🥺
Thank you, we should do something today:)
Hi daddy
making bio
Okay I’ll ttyt❤️
Good Morning
-smiles and moves your hair from your face- someone’s sleepy
oh baby I’m sorry -runs a hand through your hair gently kissing you- Did you sleep at all though? like get at least an hour of sleep?
I’m sorry babe -kisses your cheek then sits up- here you go back to sleep and I’ll be downstairs feeding Noah
-softly smiles and lays back down wrapping my arms around you- if I cuddle you will you go back to sleep?
okay -kisses your cheek and cuddles you-
-drapes my legs over yours and strokes your hair-
-strokes your hair-
-hold you-
-holds you-
-holds you-
-holds you-
-smiles down at you and slowly tries to move so I can get up-
-slowly lifts your arms and moves trying not to wake you-
-gets up and walks out the room quietly-
-goes to Noah’s room-
-picks him up taking him downstairs-
-takes him to the kitchen and sets him in his high chair-
-feeds him-
-takes him upstairs and goes in the restroom to bathe him-
-bathes him then takes him out dressing him, taking him back to his room-
-lays him down tucking him in as I come back seeing you awake- hey baby
-smiles and slips my pjs pants on taking my shirt off and puts on a sports bra then comes to you climbing ontop of you- You slept all day
-smiles and kisses you softly then climbs off of you laying next to you-
GoodNight baby ily
Morning daddy
I’m here babe
i missed you to daddy
-smiles and kisses back-
i don’t know🥺
Yayy okayy -smiles and gets comfortable-
-wraps my arms around you-
hmm you chose that -smiles up at you-
okay daddy
goodness that’s sounds amazing
We should go to Hawaii, I feel like Noah would like it
We could put sunscreen on him babe and get him a tiny hat, we just can’t keep him in the sun for long
-smiles and nods as I cuddle Into you-
-cuddles you-
i wuv you to daddy -smiles and kisses you softly-
-pulls away cuddling back into you-
-cuddles yawning softly-
-cuddles starting to fall asleep-
-falls asleep on your chest-
-wakes up-
I miss you so very very much😞
well your being short and acting weird I’ll talk to you tomorrow
what is it?
Okay well tell me when your done I want my daddy:(
are you done with your little thingy🥺
we’ll hats why I was asking if you were done becuase i wanted to cuddle, but your busy we can talk once your done🥺❤️
yayy then daddy can cuddle?🥰
-crawls next to you and smiles- yayy
-snuggles my face in your chest-
-cuddles gently tracing hearts on your chest-
what is it daddy?
okay -gets up and smiles slipping my shoes on-
-nods and smiles going to get him-
-comes to you- ready
yes sir
-nods and goes downstairs and outside-
-buckles up Noah then gets in-
-unbuckles and gets out-
-smiles and looks at it nodding- It’s beautiful babe -gets Noah out-
-comes to you-
mhm -nods-
mhm it’s gorgeous
-nods and follows you-
oh that’s perfect
-nods and follows you-
-goes in-
-smiles wide nods- it’s really nice
-laughs softly and nods- okay baby
sounds like a plan:)
probably when I get back babe -kisses your cheek softly-
Goodbye then. and uh take Noah to you wanted a kid so badly, so you may keep him:/
Jessi you just said you couldn’t wait, if you can’t wait that long, then simply move on from me cause it’ll hurt me more to come back and see you with someone else after you told me you could wait
-sets Noah down and hugs you tightly- Jessi I’ll be back, I promise I will...I’ll miss you and Noah every day I’m gone but I’ll be back before you know it but I’m asking you this right now, Do you want to end things between us so you don’t have to wait that long and you can be with someone and possibly be happier, I want what’s best for you and I want you to be happy
-smiles and nods softly kissing your cheek- Okay baby and I love you so much to✨❤️
-kisses you back and smiles- I’ll miss you to daddy
yes sir I do (comment on the restarting post, the one your commenting on now is for people to vent:))
okay what do you have in mind
Oo yes please
-takes Noah in the room with me-
-comes back to you- Huh?
-smiles as I hold Noah on my hip-
yes -nods fast-
I love you baby
I absolutely love it, rose gold is a pretty color -smiles and softly kisses you- now I gotta go get Noah and myself ready
-goes to the room-
-comes out when finished-
-softly smiles and kisses your cheek- thank you daddy
yes sir we are
-goes out- thank you
-follows you-
-nods setting him down, putting sunscreen on him-
yeah it’s 3:54pm right so we had about 35min left
Goodbye daddy, I’ll see you in august, you and Noah take care❤️❤️