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aw. Please don’t leave forever 💕
Awww don’t leave Hannah No!
I’ll respect your decision but don’t leave forever! 😭😭 I don’t have IG so you leaving here would mean I never get to talk to you!
You are so so talented! PC is kind of dead and users are becoming inactive! That might be a big cause...
I'll miss you Hannah. 😔 Happy Early bday🎉
I understand....
It’s good that you found closure.... I’m still going to miss you so much.... 😭
You are one of my close friends too! 😭💞💞
We’ve been friends since forever! ✨
Okay... I’ll always be on to talk when your online. :)
aww Kay Byee then
I’ll miss u ❤️
thx 💕😁
I legit miss u so fckjcng muchhhhhh❤️