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Hiya Tell me what you think??

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i'm not a swiftie so i don't know much, but maybe it's a song that pays respect to the victims? we really can't know until the day
wow. I’m not kidding, I’ve not heard of that disaster before 😅 BUT I agree, I don’t think it’s a good idea that she’s doing it on that day uNLESS ^ like moony said is to pay respect. but I absolutely agree to everything you said
hmm ya. I agree
Yeah that’s pretty bad! especially because Taylor swift is so huge internationally, so people are going to be so focused on the album and turn a blind eye to the disaster :(
oh! I didn’t realise this, I think she might have chosen April 26th because it’s national Arbor Day and that’s all about planting trees and plants and that’s the vibe coming of her instagram + other social media’s she is posting on
i understand that that disaster was absolutely horrible & it really negatively affected people’s lives forever. but taylor does these things on purpose. her record company (or even her) most likely will pick a friday every time for a release day because fridays are when things are placed on the charts. you also have to think about her album & if she wants it to be in july, she has to have a debut single sometime in april if she wants to be able to release other singles & promotional singles. also, promo ties into this greatly because she probably has had promo contracts since last year for this. a lot more goes into this than “oh i’m just gonna release a song nbd” taylor has to pick specific dates & times that work to make sure everything runs smoothly. i’m sure she didn’t mean any harm by making this on april 26th because that’s a friday which is the charts day. soooo i’m sure that she definitely does not mean to offend anyone, & i don’t mean to offend anyone by this. ♥️
^^^ also what rhianna said that is possible & could tie into the album has a whole
oh I did not know that😬
PrEaCh crook cat, PrEaCh
i understand that fully, but if we think of every bad thing that has happened every day, nothing would be able to happen. if we thought of every person injured, murdered, or even someone who committed suicide, & we took in consideration what happened to them on this day, nobody would release anything. there would be nothing because we all thought of every bad thing that happened to someone everyday. at the time i’m typing this, someone could be dying. but we don’t really think of that or take it into consideration. i do fully understand that the chernobyl accident was one of the most horrifying things that’s ever happened to them over there. but think about this: do you remember the parkland school shooting that killed like 17 people & injured more? or the manchester ariana grande concert? i’m sure since then that things have happened on that date & that was fine. i’m pretty sure there was a concert on the anniversary of the manchester bombing for the victims families & stuff. but my point is is that there was a concert on that date. there was probably things on the parkland anniversary since then too. i understand that all of us can mourn for the people we’ve lost since parkland, the manchester bombing, chernobyl, & other disasters, but the world doesn’t necessarily need to stop because something happened on that specific date. :)
I understand where you are coming from because 28 people did lose their lives that day in Chernobyl and the incident had impacts across the USSR. But it was in fact an accident and is far less deadly than other incidents such as the 16.5 million who died in WW1 and the 70-80 million who died in WWII. I am not trying the negate the tragedy of the Chernobyl accident, but I'm trying to put it into perspective. Also many days have had deadly events such as this in history that it is impossible to pick a perfect date for anything to be released as music is typically released on Fridays, books on Tuesdays, and movies on Thursday nights the events that occurred on one day are not the only requirements a creator has to follow when they release content. I also find that focusing on the bad things that have occurred on certain days in the past can not govern our future. For example, the Parkland shooting occurred on Valentine's Day in 2018 yet in 2019 everyone was able to remember the incident while still enjoying their day and many movies were also released on that day. Many other days have had the same situation as it is impossible to find a single day in history free of disaster of some sort unless you can tell me one day that is perfect. I believe that Taylor's decision to release whatever she plans on April 26th is reasonable and not the least disrespectful as we need to me on from the past and acknowledge the present.
I mean... it’s like even if someone died on ur bday, that doesn’t mean u can’t celebrate it, (I make no sense but pretend u understand meh) tbh there’s not actually a good date for an album to be released if ppl constantly thinks about the bad things that happened. and thousands of ppl were able to go and enjoy Ariana grande’s tour even after what happened in manchester concert. just bc something bad happened in the past, it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate or be excited on that day
yea I legit make no sense^
maybe Taylor is just trying to spread some positivity in a dark time, you never know :p. I know many people mourn over these terrible events but maybe the reason for this specific release date, is to remind everyone that there is something to look forward to and that the day isn’t all that bad! ik many Netflix shows that are releasing new seasons or whatnot on that date too just to let ya know. you never know tho, Taylor might acknowledge this event on the day!?
I mean, if we keep on looking back at those bad things that happened in the past, we won’t be able to enjoy things in the future, and u would never know what the single is about unless u’ve heard it, maybe she’s going to mention the event in the single, we’ll never know until we’ve heard it
I was not suggesting that we disregard the past, many people have acknowledged the accident and it is well remembered across the world particularly Russia. And as for Taylor's single taking the attention away from the accident I think that Avengers End Game has already crossed that bridge and will be the only thing anyone talks about on 4.26 and the next few weeks. I know we can not know Taylor's intentions with whatever she plans to release but I'm sure she will draw do whatever is necessary to pay respect.
I am not trying to say that the accident doesn't deserve attention because many people did lose their lives and they were quite honorable and deserve respect. I am truly grateful for the people who sacrificed their lives for the accident.
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good. and for the record, not supporting gay people absolutely is homophobia but go off
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happy Easter! and I agree with this ALL THE WAY 👍💖🐰
this is so true!
I didn’t know about this and now I’m quite shocked tbh