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it’s my birthday soon and I’m scared I don’t wanna become an adult- whenever I’m asked for my age I always have to think because my go to answer is 15 and that was three years ago, apparently my 15th year was memorable idk I can’t remember lol
that bird be looking sus 😃
also the little doodle is so cute ❤️❤️
honestly don’t worry about your exams, mine just passed and if I can survive them then you can do it as well :) I have confidence in you <3
ahh I went to the beach last sat as well :) but it was a school learning journey, had to go into the water and it was so sunny that I now have a tan on my face-💔💔 the water was pretty deep (or I’m just too short), water went up nearly to my waist- and there was even once when I bent down to pick seashells/stones/crystals, the waves wanted to see me fall 🤥
also it’s great that you got a car if your own!! congrats <3