🥝 August 10,2021 🥝
I love this one <3
qotd: What’s your favorite color?


🥝 August 10,2021 🥝 I love this one <3 qotd: What’s your favorite color?

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this is so good!!!!
LOVEEEE ITTT new postttt btw
I loooooooove the way this looks🤩
thank you!! 🥺💗
thanks, I think that the overlays I used were actually from duck tales
yayyy I’d love if you’d enter! I’ll def take a look at your contest!
That's so sweet, thank you ❤
tysm, i love this smmmm
love this collage
your layout and how it’s different each time is rlly cool
i really like Halley’s Comet and Male Fantasy, what about you????
your review has been posted! ✨
the green vibes 💚💚💚
thanks so much!
aotd: purple/violet <3
what’s your name? idk if we’ve officially met before haha
i’m emma btw
yeah i totally feel that! her voice is incredible and i love how she uses her platform and everything
Thank you!!
Yess, six of crows is amazing!! I'm reading crooked kingdom now :)
I would love to🥰
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aw thanks so much!!✨
aawwww thank you 😊
this is stunning gorlll
png pack is posted to remixes of challenge results ✨ hope you like! I tried my best with the royalcore aesthetic , but it proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I hope you like though!
I might, but I think another part to king of scars is coming right? So I will probably wait until that's out.
you’re welcome🥰
ikr lol but like she deserves it she’s super talented 🤩
love this!
hey! what you want to do is like my post, go to your likes section. click on my post, then remixes. tap to create new remix and it should pull up what I gave u. then u can click on each png and put them in your collect folder. hope that helps! lmk if u need me to do it another way!
oh wow thank u!! also for music artists i love any band kathleen hanna is in, babes in toyland, beabadoobee, melanie martinez, jazmin bean, and ofc taylor swift! :))
oh no. I’m going to just make ur png pack on my page. as a whole new collage. you should be able to remix it and grab them off there. just give me a few mins.
okay, I’m sorry about that. I just posted a new collage for you. you should just be able to go in and remix it and collect them all. I wasn’t able to get some of the exact ones, so I hope that’s okay! let me know if works for you, and if you would like me to try and find any that are missing. thank you!
I’m glad they worked for you!
ahhhh!!! I love this!!!!
Hi! i’m doing a collab contest and i would love for you to join you are so so talented omg