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hello,, I haven’t posted in nearly a month, sorry lol. I’ll put updates and stuff in the comments since it’s too long for here,, :’)


🏴‍☠️Tap🏴‍☠️ -check comments please- hello,, I haven’t posted in nearly a month, sorry lol. I’ll put updates and stuff in the comments since it’s too long for here,, :’)

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so hi hi hello, how are y’all.? I hope you’re all doing alright. so if you haven’t noticed I haven’t been pretty active recently, and that’s kinda the way it’s gonna be for the foreseeable future. I’ve been very busy with things like collage, exams and practicing driving which will only get worse as time goes on unfortunately. I also got a toyhouse account (ty alazel ily <3) which has reignited my motivation to work on my characters and stories. I feel myself sorta outgrowing pc, it just feels wrong and I don’t feel as if I know anyone here anymore. I’ll still be here checking in every now and again, and I may post if I feel like it (I mean I can’t leave this place, it means so much to me and my childhood, and I would really miss you guys) but for now it’ll just be to quickly pop in and see how you all are, maybe chatting a little bit
if you need me for anything at all, or want to find places where I’m more active than here all my socials are in the link in my bio! (I’m really proud of the layout and stuff, why didn’t I get carrd sooner-) I love you all, stay cool and stay safe dudes
first, your art never ceases to wow me! the orange tones and shading are just wonderful!
second, don’t worry about being active if your heart is no longer into it! pc has changed so much since we’ve started and we now have responsibilities with other things looming over our heads.. frankly I’m not sure why I still create sometimes, but I know someday I’ll want to leave too. I support you in whatever you do zkye!
also I’m going to friend you on discord bc I definitely am going to miss chatting with you
actually you have to send out the friend request- but it’s CatOnATree#0070 😎
friended you back !
dont worry about it! i get it!! life stressful sometimes so dw ❤️ ^^
also any advice with sh? idk im trying to stop and i got a really good streak wothout but i had a relapse and im slowly slipping back into my old ways and i just dont know what to do anymore… ur really good at advice thats why im asking ily❤️
thanks! idk its just hard to quit at the moment when there is so much stress at school and going into a new school year 😅
THIS IS SO PRETTY <33 I loveeee !!
@caption: nooo this has been happening to me and I’m kind of sad over it :( I’ll miss u !! but don’t worry about being inactive. life is difficult and it’s okay to stay off social media for that reason. love u lots and hope you’re doing well <3
@caption: i have also disappeared from the surfaces of pc so don’t worry abt being inactive. focus on yourself, your studies etc. pc is a place for you to be who you want to, make and share whatever so don’t worry haha, I’ll go check out ur social media HAHA
this one really looked super detailed so I can see the effort and hard work u placed into for this (not saying that you don’t for your other drawings 🙏🏻🙏🏻 pls don’t take this wrongly)
thanks for being supportive 💕
I was just in a mâmma Mia play, and it was all ABBA
and I totally relate with the confusion… can’t tell what my brain wants 💀
aww hi!! I’ve missed u! ohh there were basically a bunch of h&tepages going around all the sudden saying rlly horrible stuff including ableist and h0m0phobic stuff. really awful stuff. I’ve been alright! :) my life is rlly insane right now. a lot of stuff happening with my family and my grandma which is why we are staying with her to take care of her :) but to be honest, I’ve been getting better lately! what about you? how’s life? <3
aww thank you <33
ah I definitely agree with you abt that, it’s been a little tough for me to stay active even when im completely free, it’s just hard to keep up but im trying my best lol. and honestly do whatever u want, it’s ur own decisions and life, if you’re ever gonna leave, im gonna miss you sm and when I get other socials, I’ll be stalking you down :”) I’ve missed you too, I think I’m doing well and I hope you are too. and no worries, you’re welcome <3
question… r u omnisexual? idk ur pfp has an omni flag in the bg so im wondering 😂
ohh!! its nice to know im not the only omnisexual in this world 😆 😐
tbh sameee!! i thought i was pan and i came across omni and im like “WAIT A DANG SECOND!!” and i eventually realised I preferred girls….
omg dont get me started on gender!!! ive been questioning for literally a year and i just go unlabelled for my gender now 😂
bc im defo a bit feminine but some parts of me are also masculine… IDK ANYMORE 😂
OMG SAMEEEE!! i literally just dunno anymore ive given up 😅
bro h&tepages are so annoying, but thankfully I haven’t seen any lately… (knock on wood 🤜👧) and thank u :,) it’s pretty a little more chill now that we are a little bit more settled in !! and aw oh my gosh you don’t know how happy I am for you that your mom is chill about you coming out to her <3
awww your profile picture is so adorable !! 💗💗
thanks uu
aw thank u!! <3
happy pride month back to you :) and tysm <3 and thanks for clarifying that with me as well, I was a little uncertain was afraid that I might have hurt feelings along the way. hope you find yourself (fully, the 100% of yourself even if it may be 99.9%, find who you are truly deep inside and always live yourself no matter what :)) and the same goes for you, rlly look forward to the times that u come online and pop onto my page, your words mean a lot and I hope that you’re doing alright as well <33
ur pfp 💗💗
omg im so proud of you for coming out to ur parents. even if they might have taken the whole coming out situation well, at least they accept you which is smtg rlly great and awesome honestly :)) glad to know <3
ooo would definitely love to see more abt this new character of urs :))
see more and/or know more ^^