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Heart 12 Response 3
lol do you really wanna play?
good morning!
re:: yo can you let me have an aesthetic caption? smh 😂😂
yes you are ma'am.
Nono I didn't, I just reposted it cuz the caption had a typo ;3;
oh, what'd you say?
my god.
Aoba: shut up.
Aona: you're loud.
Aoba: I'm not "tricking" either of them.
Aoba: yeah. once.
Aoba: just. Okami.
Aoba: leave him alone.
Aoba: just shut up.
Aoba: Okami knows how to deal with annoying people.
Aoba: I'm not a jerk.
Aoba: I hate you.
Aoba: do you ever stop screaming?
Aoba: and my romance life is none of your business.
Aoba: I can tell.
Okami: *poofs out of nowhere and whacks him on the back of the head*. Aoba: ow-!
Aoba: *rubs the back of his head, glaring*
Aoba: I don't care.
Aoba: *winces, covering his ears*
Aoba: see? even your persona thinks you're annoying.
Thank you!💕
whomst are thou