~Tap~ Hello!😁

7 0
this looks really good
yeah we are
have you seen those TikTok videos were girls doing painting of their hands,legs, and bxtt
lol tried it and let’s just say you can see something
man you got rid of the I bet u can’t make me moan 🥺
really *looks at you*
no it doesn’t *looks at you and then down covering my bxner*
yeah I promise
what do you wanna do ladies choice
*kisses you biting your lip*
*picks you up putting you on the bed taking your clothes off*
*kisses you taking my pants off*
*grabs a cxndxm and puts it on*
*slides it in*
*thrust deep*
*thrust hard*
*thrust and rubs your clxt*
*thrust deep and hard*
*pulls out and starts to eat you out*
*looks at you*
never mind what tell me
Ik and theirs a reason for it
I’ve been hurt too much
I tell them my dream job and they just go and cheat on me with my brother because he’s a doctor
either to become pro in baseball or hockey or go into the army
*looks at you* I do too but I don’t really want a relationship right now
I’m sorry
idk just wit till I’m ready if you want
no girls talk to me for long
so will I unless I get kicked off
yeah when a new person wants to come on they make someone leave and it’s normally a person who doesn’t get talked to
you already do *laughs a little*
no you keep me company
you’re welcome
but can I tell you something
^ ?
please don’t get mad at me I didn’t know this till yesterday but I’m going to be a dad and I get full custody of her
and I totally understand if you are mad
I said I would take her because her mum wants to be an actor so I said I would take her so her mum can live her dream
plus it was a mistake we were both drunk and ended up doing it
he’s at the hospital
he’s already there he said you could come
*sitting on the chair in the room*
*nods holding Amara*
I can drive but if I do you would have to sit in the back with her. *looks at her*\\Amara
I’ll drive *puts her in her car seat and puts a blanket over her*. *looks at the blanket *
*gets in and buckles*
we need to make a stop at the baby store I forgot to get bottles
she’s really tiny. *looks at her*
*drives*. *grabs her finger*
*drives*. *falls asleep*
awe *gets to the store*
we can all go in if you want
*gets out and opens your door*
*closes the door carefully *. *sleeps*
*grabs a cart* did you grab your car seat
we can put it in the cart. *sleeps*
*pushes the cart*. *sleeps*
a mattress for the crib and blankets and bottles and that’s it
*grabs the bottles and some baby formula *
yeah I like the one that has the monkeys on it
aww it’s really cute
hi .....
yeah it has
no just surprised
could be idk
just what