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Sorry my phone died but what's wrong???
it’s okay I forgot.. nothing just somehow made my mom mad
told you it’s my fault
How is it ur fault??
And what's ur fault??
asked her about txting ur mom and she started coming up with excuses and got mad at me about it cuz ig I’m pestering her so I got pxssed and said “this is why I asked you about this last Saturday, because I wanted you to ask them in advance so maybe they would be okay with it. strategizing is not last second I have a feeling the answer will be a no cuz you’re asking last second” so she got irritated and said “all I can do is ask” like mom you’re not listening you told me you were asking wes on Monday and no you’re asking his mom the day of like she’s gonna say no 😔
ig she’s just a lil bit mad at me rn ig
Kinda hoping we would have gotten an answer today so that I new I could pack my shxxt tonight and go straight to ur house after school and not come here first grab close and go but idk it is what it is
Just it doesn't help that Nicole is at ur house and idk remember at the dance "We already have company"
yea Idk I’m sorry I tried my mom is being a bxtch 😔 ig she’s just gonna ask tomorrow morning and I told her that would just be more difficult and she was like “well Jabon doesn’t HAVE to come over right after school anyways” and I got kinda just pxssed 😔
yea ik baby I’m sorry Idk my mom has been a bxtch lately okay 😔
Idk babe I love u and ur family but the more ik ur mom I'm kinda like it liking her as much I mean I love u to fxcking death but ur mom idk
ik she’s kinda 50 50 ig sometimes she’s cool other times just ugh 😔
ig idk I’m sorry I’m sorry 😔
ig all she does is makes everything look like my fault I’m sorry 😔
Just if we can't spend a night my dad said on Saturday depending on weather u can come with us to Spokane ❤
Hey don't be sorry I don't like ur mom doing that cause ik it's not the right thing to do but baby something we need to over come ok❤
I hope I can 😩❤️ just gonna have to bring that up with my mom again I asked her but she didn’t say anything
Not right now tho ok baby ❤
ik baby I just I’m tired of her making me feel like it’s my fault like cuz I opened my mouth it’s my fault I’m so tired of it
hełl no I’m in my room with caramel hiding 😩
See eat that and think about sleeping ok babe❤
I gotta get someone to turn the TV down 😩 just mew I wish you were here 😔❤️
I wish baby❤
Ask really quick then try sleeping ok❤
mew I should probably get me and nugget in bed 😩❤️
well ima just have to close my eyes ig 😩 I’m tired enough anyways mew 😩❤️
Probably baby❤
Ok baby so try sleeping ok I'ma going to bed to ok baby girl ❤
okay well I’m pretty sure I’m going to school tomorrow okay baby ❤️ I’ll txt you when I wake up okay baby I loves you ❤️❤️❤️
mew I loves you baby ❤️❤️
I love u to baby ❤❤
Baby I'm jumping in the shower love u ❤❤❤
baaaaaby I’m fxcking tired 😩❤️
I don’t feel like throwing up but holy fxck does nugget hurt 😩😩
Well wear something comfortable ok❤
I just threw on jeans and im wearing your hoodie okay ❤️
Ok baby ❤❤
hey you should come over tonight please. ❤️
Maybe ❤
When was ur mom thinking about text my mom??
this morning sometime I think
I reminded her
I just wanna cuddle one way or another ❤️
We will cuddle ❤
ig ima get ready to go baby okay I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
we better ❤️❤️
Ok baby I love u to❤❤
baaaabyyyyyy ❤️❤️
how about we live together already ❤️
Umm yea I like sleeping with u for the whole weekend ❤
can I spend the night Thursday night by any chance ❤️
Why baby? Any reason?? I mean I can ask❤❤
right before I left like 20 mins before I left nugget started hurting real bad baby 😩 should’ve just stayed another night and cuddles 😩❤️
I just want to ❤️
Umm I'll ask❤ idk tho bay but yea I'll ask❤
I mean just sleeping on the couch cushions in the living room I just liked that ❤️
maybe I can ❤️ kinda hope so ❤️
Wait umm unless u wanna go to Lewiston in the morning with us for fitsjarold
Yes see it wasn't a bad idea but it was fun❤
mmm shxxt forgot about that... idk that would be up to ur mom but idc... maybe I could just go over after you get home and stay Friday night baaabyy
I already miss you just cuddles and sleep with you god ❤️
btw I got home and hugged bo bo and he stared purring and held onto me it was cute ❤️
Lol they miss yea❤ but maybe babe I'll talk to my parents about it❤
okay baby ❤️ just wanna cuddles to you and just listen to our breathing till I fall asleep ❤️ shhh don’t judge I love that feeling ❤️
Lol it's fine babe❤
just miss you already ❤️ ik I shouldn’t miss you but I do ❤️
It's fine babe❤ hey doesn't John have this app??
he used to why baby?
god nugget hurtsss😩😩
Went threw my mind kinda scared me and I started worrying about what he would do if he read our conversations
And ur mom texted my mom?❤
I’m pretty sure he deleted it don’t worry ❤️ plus his phone wouldn’t let him read comments it was all through the remixes was the last I remember so we’re good baby I promise ❤️
ummm did she txt your mom??❤️
Ok babe❤
Nvm I think it mom was thanking for dinner
fxckkk you should come over in the morning I might need help😩 I mean don’t come over it’s okay but I put our books in my backpack and omg is it heavy like hurts my stomach and my back and everything just to hold it 😩
oh okay baby
I'll carry it into the school❤
mew okay baby... it’s just I think exceeding my weight limit since it’s causing me to use hat one muscle my mom doesn’t want me using but mew mew it’s fine I think❤️
Just us that muscle just this on time❤
well I’ll have to 😩❤️ I’ll walk slow tho so it doesn’t hurt me too bad❤️ a lil worried ig cuz I’m verge of breaking tears like I started to sneeze and the cramps got rly bad and now I rly hurt 😔😔
hey baby I’m rly tired and I hurt you okay if we go to bed?❤️
Yes we can go to bed❤
something just hit my window outside and scared the holy living shxxt out of me and it felt like nugget jumped out my throat 😩😩
okay mew mew ima tired baby ima gonto bed I’ll txt you when I wake up okay baby I fxcking love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I'm sorry baby 😔❤
Love u to baby ❤❤
Baby I'm going to take a shower ❤❤
okay baby❤️ woke up last night and swore to god it was Friday today ugh 😩 so fxcking tired 😔
okay baby nugget is hurting rly bad again 😔😔
I'm sorry baby😔❤❤
mew just gonna wear your shirt and your sweats and just idk I hurts 😔
nugget swollen it’s pretty hard right there and I feel a little sick but I took a nausea pill so hopefully that works 😩❤️
Hopefully it does😔❤❤
fxck I wanna cuddle and go back to sleep baby 😔
Yea let's do that❤❤
we should 😩❤️❤️
Yes we should ❤
I’m eating one of those pregnancy candies for nausea and it’s actually helping a lil
Thank God it's helping ❤
just a little bit but it’s making me feel a lil better ❤️ I’m just rly hella😩❤️
I'm tired to❤
mew we should just sleep 😩❤️
Doesn't sound like a dad idea rn❤❤
okay I should probably get going 😩 ugh okay I loves you baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
just cuddles and sleep yes ❤️
Love u to❤
Baby ❤❤
I’m here ❤️
hey baby how long you wanna stay up? ❤️
I don't care baby ❤
okay ❤️ just wondering cuz I don’t wanna but I need a shower 😩 if that’s okay? ❤️
Yea that's fine baby ❤❤
okay ❤️ hopefully 20 mins max just gotta wash my hair okay ❤️
Ok baby ❤
okay hey I’ll txt you once I get out baby I loves you ❤️❤️❤️
I love u to baby❤❤❤❤❤
wow baby ima dizzy 😩❤️
U ok??
yea just a lil dizzy... my eyes got heavy in the shower after I sat down so I stood back up and got dizzy and felt like falling but I didn’t... then my belly started hurting real bad and I doubled over for a min like damñ baby nugget tryna kill me 😩
I'm sorry baby😔❤❤wish I was in the shower with u so that I could have help u😔❤
it’s okay baby I’m okay now just a lil dizzy it’s okay ❤️ I was looking at my belly then tried to stand up and it was difficult and made me dizzy made methink that damñ ima need your help with shxxt sooner than later
I mean I already need help with laundry 😩❤️
Yea ik❤ but u know I'ma help u with everything ❤
ik you will ❤️ hopefully that will be sooner rather than later baby❤️
hey baby nugget is rly hurting and ima hella tired 😔 you okay if I get some sleep?❤️
Yea let's go to bed baby❤❤
okay good ❤️ okay I’ll txt you in the morning baby i fxcking love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I fxcking love u to❤❤❤
hey baaaaaaby❤️
Is just woke up❤
you should’ve stayed the night I needed you last night 😩❤️
same baby I just woke up too❤️
I woke up at like 5:20 trembling and shaking real bad I didn’t know what was wrong baby 😩 needed you 😩❤️❤️
wearing a maternity shirt today and yes I has a little belly through it ❤️
The one with lace down the back??❤
yes baby❤️
I like that one ❤❤
me too I love it ❤️ I has a little belly in it too it’s cute ❤️ I took a pic of it in the mirror I’ll show you on the bus ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love my baby belly so much it’s cute 😊😊
Lol yes it is❤
my belly ❤️
god just I kinda like showing it off a little like this shirt and pictures of it like yes my belly 😊❤️
nugget is in my belly ❤️
okay baby ima head out okay I lovesss youuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yes he is ❤
I love u to❤❤❤
baaaby ima take a quick shower okay ❤️ I’ll txt you when I get out I love you ❤️❤️
I'ma take a shower to baby love u❤❤
loves you ❤️❤️
Im out ❤❤
hey baby ima go out to the shop like 5 mins before the bell rings tomorrow morning cuz I gotta tell me nebeker okay 😩❤️
Ok baby ❤
I told them about my arm and I got a couple dots on my left arm I just figured out so ig I can’t handle plants anymore baby
what baby?
Green house is going to fxcking suck
babe I’ll be out there still I’ll just have to like have you handle the plants
she will probs let me just water or something idk it’s just those plants baby the flowers I was fine but these baby made me break out my parents don’t want me messing with them okay? I don’t wanna mess with them either cuz idk if that’s a bad thing or not for nugget and I don’t wanna find out okay 😔❤️ I’m sorry baby 😔😔❤️
I’m sorryyyy 😞
It's fine I mean it's part of the pregnancy
I’m sorry 😞
I’m sorrryyyyy😞😞
Don't be sorry ❤
I’m rly dizzy rn baby like I sit up and I just gets dizzy and thing spin 😞
Lay down and try sleeping ❤
I’m a wreck rn baby Idk kinda feel like I’m making things harder cuz I’m sick all the time rn and I can’t eat certain things and I keep getting nauseas and dizzy and I’m high maintenance and I’ve been starting fights between us and everything that’s wrong I look at you and I feel bad cuz you’re putting up with so much rn 😔❤️
I might go to bed tbh just cuz I’m dizzy and honestly tired me and nugget need a little sleep 😩❤️
I mean yeah ur high maintenance but so am I and I will put up with u because I love u❤❤ but go to bed if u wanna babe❤
if it’s okay ima probably go to bed okay? 😩❤️❤️
Yea that's fine babe❤
just after this morning waking up at 5:20 trembling and freaking out... I’ve been paranoid and weirded out all day and afraid of who knows what so it hasn’t been a good day I think I need sleep 😔❤️❤️
okay baby mew I’ll txt you when I get up I loves you baby 😩❤️❤️❤️
Babe u got me u don't need to worry❤ but ok baby I love u to❤
Baby ❤
baby 😩❤️
baby my throat feels a little tight
What's wrong baby?
Idk I just woke up and something is wrong idk my throat feels like like it’s harder to breath than normal
That's not normal
ik it’s not I feel weird baby
like something is wrong and I feel like I got shot in the gut and everything is just Idk baby Idk
Well try drinking water ❤
okay 😩❤️
I sneezed 😔
Idk baby idk just I love u❤
I loves you too baby 😩❤️❤️
I feels sick 😔
U feel sick?
yea tbh 😔
plus nugget hurts pretty bad 😔
Well r I staying home??
no I can’t baby
Well I'm wearing a shirt u might like❤❤
I just realized I need to get back to working put😳❤
okay 😩❤️❤️
oh well baby
Lol so I'ma get chips pizza maybe a sandwich?❤
hey baby I gotta go I’ll see you in a few loves you 😔❤️❤️ yes please 😩❤️
Love u to❤
baby help 😢
I’m in the bathroom it’s math I wanna die 😭😭
Hey how u feeling?? Btw I love u❤❤
I’m home and just got out of the shower 😩 baby I’m feeling even worse I rly need you 😢😢 I loves you too baby 😔❤️
I need help like please help 😢 I forgot my blanket too like I need you here after school please 😢😢
nugget hurts so bad I’m just crying and I almost screamed in first hour cuz I ended up hurting so bad in the bathroom I had to bite my tongue so hard it hurt so bad I’ve never felt pain like that ever 😢
baby you there?...
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I might just go to sleep if that’s okay baby..