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bashful_brunette505: This girl, my bestie, my sista from another motha, is one of the sources of my happiness! She’s got the kindest heart. Let’s also realize how frikking talented she is. I STAN🙏🏼🔥😂Talia is so strong, and she’s selfless. She always owns up to her mistakes and she’s so understanding/thoughtful/forgiving. love this girl sm👌🏼Tali is gr8.
Cookie_Bunny10; she’s a more recent friend, but just as incredible as the rest. She’s super duper talented and a sweet lil cupcake! love her! She’s also quite a talent. Okay really, she’s fabulous tho! 🤞🏼
its_not_rocketscience; dis girl has slayed from the beginning. Her edits bring life to the earth if need in my heart; aka she’s incredibly dang talented. She’s also awesome to everyone. A kind/sweet/cool/supa easy to get along with girl. Another STAN in our midst.👏🏼
*life to the aesthetic need
KittyLoveLauren: Lauren, you are kind, caring and strong and not to mention an amazing collager. your account is goals not only in the art you post but in the messages you send. you deserve our care and affection and simply ILYSM
CookieBunny10 : OMG! u r so talented and girlll ur collages r just gOaLs! ik I don't rlly talk to u much but I would love to get to know u better! thank you for being kind to me and all of ur followers! xx 💕💕
CookieBunny10: you are sooo amazing! whenever you comment on my collages I know it’s going to be sweet and kind and I wish we knew each other better because you seem amazing!
(please include mine for Maggie, cookiebunny10, she’s one of my dear friends :)) Maggie, where do i start? gosh, you are one amazing person. your style is amazingly creative, but not only that, you are the sweetest person i have ever met. without you, i wouldn’t be able to express myself with cara the way i do today. you’ll always be my twin, no matter what. ilysm Meg 💞
its_not_rocketscience she is so talented and funny! even from the beginning I knew her account was special. her collages have inspired many of mine and aside from being such an inspiration, she is kind and sweet. ily❤️
@kittylovelauren whew. where do I even start? I remember when we first met we ramble don and on about sparkly pinapples and had a great time and then flyingmmeatballs and sea kingdom jumped into our lives, along with Jamake hehhh. We developedthis super duper awesome relationship and talk all the time now, and I’m just really really glad that we are such good friends and that that one day you asked for my phone number bc you and radnin are the reason I’m not constantly bored XD ilysm💖-Jamackie
hehe dOnT miND tHoSe sPeLLinG eRroRs
aka you are following a hate page... I just wanted to let you know.
kittylovelauren: She is so beautiful and sweet! She’s also super talented and always fun to talk to! Also her signature face is great! And she’s just so amazing !’