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Winnie is walking to school. she sees Lucas walking. looks sad.
“thanks for the apology.” she said “why are you upset?”
Lucas didn’t answer.
Winnie checks her phone. “ok. what’s up?” she sends
“just tell me!” she sent. “I’m not busy at all!”
“he broke up with you or you with him?” she asked
Winnie does reply. she looks at Lucas and shoves him into that bushes. he falls down “Why would you do that?” she yells at him and storms off.
Lucas got many cuts and bruises. she was sore all over but mainly in his heart (so cheesy!)
“are you ok?” she sends to her.
“did he mention why?” she said hoping it wasn’t because of her.
“how about we talk more at school?” she asked.
“I’m there.” she said.
Winnie walks into class waiting for Sophie.
Winnie was just about to say something but the teacher walked in.
the teacher has been taking for 5 minutes and all of a sudden Lucas walks in with cuts and bruises everywhere.
“what happened to you Lucas?” the teacher asked
(L) “I fell over” Lucas said.
“he fell over!” winnie said.
“are you sure you didn’t get into any fights?” the teacher asked.
(L) looks at Winnie. “I’m sure.”
Winnie felt bad.
“nothing.” she said quickly.
(L) Lucas took at seat at the back of the class.
Winnie is worried Sophie thinks that they’ve gotten back together. which they haven’t. that’s the total opposite.
Winnie looks back at Lucas.
she mouthed the word sorry to him multiple times.
(I now right!)
(woah haha I feel so lost, I have missed so much)
class finished and Winnie starting packing her stuff.
(meandmeonly, hard to explain)
the teacher calls for Lucas and they talk for a little. Winnie waits for him.
Winnie walks with Lucas and they talk “I am so sorry!” winnie said.
(L) “it’s ok.” he smiled. “at least people now think I’m tough and won’t beat me up.” he said.
they both laughed.
(just the one)
Winnie and Lucas were both talking. “tell me the truth” winnie said “did you break up with her because of me?” she asked
(L) “I didn’t want to ruin your friendship...” he said “I think she went to the cafe, maybe you should go.”
Winnie grabs him hand and walks to the cafe. she didn’t realise it might look like they were holding hands.
Winnie grabs a seat next to Sophie.
“hey.” she said looking at Lucas.
“Lucas has to tell you something.” she said.
(L) “Uh... Well.” he pauses.
“ Lucas and I” winnie says looking at Lucas.
“are” Winnie says looking at Lucas waiting for him to say something.
Lucas doesn’t want to ruin there friendship, he is trying to think of something to say.
Winnie looks confused.
(L) “uh yes.” he didn’t know why he just said that, they clearly weren’t.
“May I please talk to you for a second” she says pulling Lucas with her.
“are you crazy?” she said “the last thing a girl wants to hear is that her ex and her BFF were dating. why did you say that?”
“I don’t know why I said that, I like you both!” he says.
Winnie just looks at him and goes to sit back down. she sighs.
Winnie was just thinking. she didn’t even hear Sophie.
Liam sees Sophie walking away. “hold up.” he says.
(agh. autocorrect?)
“look.” he says “ I like you.”
“I do like you.”
“I know I said that just I lied.” he paused “I didn’t want to ruin your friendship with Winnie.”
“uh, no.” he said “well, I don’t know.”
Winnie was behind him the whole time. “right.”
(L) “thanks but, I... i...”
“I don’t know.” he said.
“what if I make the wrong decision?”
“whoever you choose will be the right decision. the other person will be ok”Winnie says
“I’m sorry but I want to be with Sophie...” he says. “sorry winnie”
“it’s ok” she smiled.” I think you made the best choice.”
“I like someone else anyway.”
“I have to go winnie says.” as the gives the both a hug.
Winnie walks away.
“I made more than one person feel bad.” he frowns
“I’d like that.” he says.
“I’m sorry I made you think winnie and I were together.”
“thanks for always being there for me.” she said with a smile.
“don’t be sorry. I was crying myself.” he said “and to be honest, I didn’t blame Winnie for what she did to me. I would’ve done it to someone who broke up with you.”
Lucas blushes.
Lucas was so happy they were back together.
Lucas kisses her but for a while.
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Serendipity: looks around excitedly
“anyone wanna hang out? :)”
(hai anyone?)
I’ll try to join in on day 7
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