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I’m pretty well:) thanks for asking, how are you? I like this bio too, it gets straight to the point
well would you like to do something? if your not too busy
we could watch a movie or go swimming? Oooo I saw a good ice cream place down the street if you wanted. Anythung you would like to do is fine
yeah sure of course :))
*laughs softly and hugs you back, then follows behind you* should we drive or walk?
*nods* okie dokie *opens your car door* let’s goooo
It’s nice to meet you
ohhh haha, I’m okay. you?
why just alright
oh I’m sorry :/
hey, how are you?
hey how are you :)
I’m doing pretty good, can’t complain
hey i’m mikey
I’m tired 🥴
around 1
eh a little tired you?
I can’t cuz I got class
it’s 12 for me rn 🤣🤣
tell me about you
that’s not true
i can just tell
relaxinggg wbu
yeah you right lol
yeah I’m down
*looks at you* I can drive if you want *smiles*
*grabs my keys and opens the door for you*
hello beautiful :) It’s nice to meet you
hiii, i’m liah !
pretty good, how about yourself?