Collab with....
EverythingSwift Go Show Her Some Love And Go Follow Her


Collab with.... EverythingSwift Go Show Her Some Love And Go Follow Her

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hi wyd
I love it
we would love if you could make it a country background with like swirly wrighting saying Country_Feels on pic collage
lol, your more of an idiot then i thought you were, now if you have a problem with our account please stop looking at it, please and thank you // alex ((acc owner))
can you enter pikachugirl1234 contest I will give you a spam if you do
and enter you contest
yes! i love adelaine, Lauren, Alisha, and Mia as well 💕
a vape... 😂
yeah but my parents allow me.
um ok
Sure we can collab
the quote for the element games
the backround 😊
gingersnap told me you were doing the text, so once you do that lemme know
I’m doing png’s
…yeah i am going thru a rough time...i don’t wanna talk about it.
don’t be 😂
lol same thoooo
haha ik how that feels like i’m kinda bored cuz i’m going in circles on my hover board....but after a while my legs start to shake cuz it’s like a work out then it hurts 😂
lol u could walk in place 😂
sure a tumblr, do u wanna make the background or quote?
or listen to music 😂 ohhhh u could watch Colby Brock
kk, I’ll remix the background
wait! first what’s it about?
tumblr what?
oof lol
lol sound good
Grey’s anatomy role play is NOW OPEN!!!! Start chatting now, and fill out the application form!!!
ok I’ll remix two
sure, which pic
Everyone give it up to WHY DONT. ❤️ WE
oh lol thanks
thank you
my friend took the picture i just love nature in general it’s so soothing
yeah but it hasn't let me remix it on any collage??
ok so I will transfer the quote onto the pic but make it look pretty? got it!
k thx, should we put our watermarks on ur?
on it?
can you get it done today? because collages are due tmr and we need the png’s!
no problem