Collage by evanescent


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hi I’m avalon
hey I’m Jocelyn
hewwo i is eden!!!
nice too meet you too :) I like your name
hi hi mister! -blushes and sxcks my passy- tan we do somefing fun?
-bounces up and down excitedly as my skirt flies up and u can see my pink princess parts peekin through my panties-
yes yes pweez! tan u help me get dressed?
-starts to take off my shirt and sits with bare bxxbies- can i have help pweez??
yes I’d love too! sorry for the late respond I dropped my phone in a pool
tank chu!! -wiggles my booty outta da skirt and bends over so dat u can put da bottoms on me-
-blushies a bit and giggles- heyy dat tickled! but wike a good tickle? i never felt something wike dat before hehe
hi I’m grace
hewwo i miss chu!!🥺