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I have three accounts actually 😂
lol I dunno I just do😂lol My third acc is something like
I don't have a dog. 😔😂
thanks btw💕💕
I don't have a dog ,but my friend's dog does this all the time!
yes! my dog does that lol
my cat does
MY dog does
All the time 😂
We have two dogs. Butch & Stella. They stay out on a chain out in our farm. Altho we don’t have horses 🐴 and cows and pigs etc., we have squirrels and birds and a rabbit and dogs. My rabbit’s name is Trixie and she’s only 1 year old. My friend Alivya gave her to me for my bday. Sorry for leaving such a message. If you like cute hairdos follow me!