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Cool ig
what’s wrong?
ugh okay I’ll delete it let’s just go back to the other post
you sure?...
Yea I'm sure
okay... Idk you act a lil weird 😩 are you tired baby?
Baby I'm fine😂❤❤❤❤
okay okay mew
srsly you tired?..
Baby I'm seriously fine❤❤
okay 😩❤️
What's wrong???
idk just cold tired want a shower but it’s too late and I miss you 😩❤️
can you ask your mom real quick if you can stay the night tomorrow night?
Shxxt umm everyone's in bed
I'll ask her in the morning
okay just find out before you get on the bus okay?😩❤️
I'll figure it out tomorrow ❤
okay mew ❤️ after I drink milk can I go to bed baby?❤️
Yea u can babe
okay baby...
U ok?
tired... idk honestly something seems wrong when ik everything is okay like I have a weird feeling but I’m okay just tired baby
R u guys going to be financially ok if I buy this wheeler??
if we buy the wheeler?
probably not 😔
Sorry that's my only fear babe
And babe once u buy something off the show room floor u loose a lot of value out of it
ig its apart of my mom’s business loan so ig we are getting money to buy it but idk you have a point we still have to pay the money back idk I’m just gonna pretend it’s okay and not think about it 😩
And if u guys put that 12 or 13 thousand in the wheeler it's only going to be like 8 thousand when u start it up for the first time
yea ik I got home and my dad just showed me a wheeler saying we are buying it probs so I’m just gonna act like it’s okay and it’s gonna work out like we have money for it even though we don’t 😔
Well the arena is going to be more then ur mom probably thinks
Got a baby on the way also
K sorry probably stressing u out sorry
idk babe idk😔 you told me I need to not overthink and you’re right it affects nugget anyways so I’m pretending it’s all okay 😔
no you’re not it’s okay I already know all this you’re just saying it for me... let’s pretend everything is okay like it’s somehow gonna work out 😩 I mean your parents might have to help out with baby costs if you guys can but it’ll be okay I think 😩
Hate to be the person to tell u this but babe I have a feeling ur mom is going to be trying to pay that loan off and gets fxcked and probably move I'm sorry but idk
ik this ik just gonna pray she makes enough money 😞
She barely has enough for food how about the fuel and that payment and the loan
Ok sorry I'm done
babe it’s okay let’s just pretend it’s nothing okay? idk I don’t wanna think about it baby every time I stress especially rn nugget kicks like telling me not to stress just wish you were here you know vent and sleep😩❤️
I just wish she would get a job 😔 the maybe it would be okay
if they move I’ll see if I can move in with you or some okay?
are you okay baby?...
baby mew I loves you 😔❤️
should we go to bed?...😩❤️
Yea sorry kinda had a freak out session
Yea we can go to bed❤
it’s okay I haven’t had my overthink session yet it’s okay... ik I’m honestly scared how everything is gonna work out but I’m just not gonna think about it until I can cuddle and vent with you 😔❤️
okay ima tired baby ima go to bed then okay ❤️
K baby i love u❤❤
mew baby I loves you I’ll txt you when I wake up❤️ I loves you baby❤️❤️❤️❤️
baaaaaaby it’s too early for this shxxt 😩❤️
you awake baby?❤️
did you ever ask your mom about spending the night baby? ❤️
you’re still asleep 😔
I'm awake ❤ sorry my phone is mental so my alarms went off but it only vibrated and no sound
oh okay baby I figured you were gonna be asleep till 7 or something 😩❤️
I’m not tryna be annoying but just remember to find out from your mom okay ❤️
No I'm sorry I slept in❤
it’s fineee baby❤️
just tell me what your mom says okay ❤️
I hope you can spend the night mew ❤️❤️
Babe idk if I can spend the night I has concealing 😔❤
fxck 😔 okay well ima have to go in a min ig baby I’ll see you on the bus I love you 😔❤️❤️
I love u to❤❤
hey um baby if I tell you something can you not say anything to anyone especially your dad?
it’s rly bugging me and I’m not supposed to say anything but idk I can’t NOT tell you I need to tell you
Yea u can tell me
okay you can’t tell anyone okay?? it’s something my mom just vented to me and you tell me NOT to worry about shxxt but it’s about you guys so idk
Yea tell me
so ig your dad still hasn’t paid board money for March and my mom is tired of having to fight him every month just to get board money and it’s fxcking her over cuz she isn’t making any money off your horses and she’s got ppl tryna pay her $600 to put their horses on our property so my mom can train but my mom can’t do that without having you guys out your horses somewhere else and without money from your dad my mom can’t pay hay or mortgage and she’s going on about losing the house again😔
she said she’s probs gonna tell your dad that you guys have to put your horses somewhere like your house but I told her you would just put them on ur grandpas property and she got pxssed and said “Thor and cheesy have no business being on that property they need to go to his house” and Idk I’m frustrated cuz she keeps worrying me about that shxxt 😩😩😔😔😔😔
sorry I vented baby I’m just telling you what my mom said just sorry I vented idk 😔
K it's not right that he's not paying her but again if ur that desperate for money how the hella r u supposed to build a shop or fxcking buy a wheeler??? U guys might be moving cause no money
okay I shouldn’t have told you then ig 😞
don’t ask me okay I have no idea in all honesty I’m freaking out like idk what to do 😞😞
And again u guys will loose value on he wheeler if u buy it new
idk baby Idk 😞
Sorry babe
idk you’ve been acting weird and now I’m having my freak out moment where I’m starting to think none of this is going to work and it’s a disaster and idk what to do 😞 wanna vent but I can’t without losing my shxxt and idk wth to do😞
Ur going to vent
all I did was tell her you got chickens and ducks and all she said was “they know the dogs are just gonna eat them right?? and how is wes buying chickens and shxxt but he can’t pay me board?” and got pxssed off so she’s mad at me now for Idk what and idk what to do I feel like I irritated you and Idk 😞
I don’t wanna lose the house 😞 I don’t wanna kick your horses out I don’t wanna see them at your grandpas cuz cheesy is too old and I don’t wanna see Thor get hurt again and I wish my mom had an actual job and we were financially stable so I didn’t worry about this baby and I wish she would wait to build all this shxxt and buy shxxt until we were on our feet and could support ourselves cuz rn we have issues buying food for our family 😞😞
I might as well move in with you guys or some shxxt cuz everything is falling apart over here I can’t even pretend it’s okay cuz it’s not 😞
Well I wanted u to stay till the end of the movie cause it's almost over but it's fine and my dad ik is fxcked I'm sorry😔❤❤
I just got rly tired and wanted to just cuddle in bed cuz I was getting a headache and almost fell asleep I’m sorry 😞 Idk I’m scared tbh like terrified cuz we’re about to lose this house and we have a baby on the way??? scares me if your dad can’t pay board once a month without having to be fought for it if he can help pay for a baby😞
Idk I'm sorry
my mom is all mad at me now over everything about touching chickens about ur dad buying chickens about board about everything she got mad at ME for it like she expected me to have all the answers and solutions 😞😞
I’m don’t venting 😞 there’s no point it’s not gonna solve anything 😞
Ur mom idk is a bxtch I'm sorry
sorry just idk maybe I should go to bed and stop venting all I did was irritate you today and today was shxxt 😞
scared about nugget like terrified but it doesn’t matter 😔
Well I'ma go to bed when the movie is over babe
okay ig 😞
Babe it does matter
couldn’t even have a good day today idk what to do baby😞😞😞😞😞
no it doesn’t matter cuz all ima do is freak out over nugget cuz no one can pay for nugget I don’t have a job you haven’t started yours yet your dad can’t pay ig and my mom is on the verge of losing the house 😞😞 Idk all my body knows what to do is cry a lil and freak out 😞😞😞
Babe if u go to bed we will cuddle tomorrow ❤
I hope we can cuddle tomorrow 😞😞 Idk I’m scared baby I’m honestly scared none of this is okay it’s not Idk what to do 😞
Well cuddle and vent tomorrow ❤
idk maybe I should go to bed 😞
okay 😔
Go to bed ok baby I'll vent to u tomorrow ❤
I might go to bed baby just so I can calm down and I’m rly tired 😔
okay baby I’ll txt you when I get up even tho you’ll probs be gone 😩 I loves you baby😔❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love u to baby ❤
Hey baby we're going to Lewiston ok hey I'll text u when we get back love u sweetie 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
okay baaabyyy I loves you too❤️❤️❤️ we are gonna head to town around 10 so I’ll txt you when we leave okay I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
hey baby we’re leaving okay I’ll txt you when I get home I loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
baby we’re home hurry up and get home I miss you ❤️
We've been home hey we're going to drop the buss off and the wolf center and we're going to head over to ur place
hey baby do you wanna come over for a bit then if I can go to kooskia tomorrow we can go to your house after dinner and maybe stay the night?❤️
Going to see if u wanna come over since we got more chickens ❤❤
well yea we were just having a nice dinner and I wanted to show you some things but if you rly want me to I can probs ❤️
oh hey figure out if I can go with you tomorrow ❤️