COLLAB WITH MISTEE I LOVE HER so I'm s a d d atm but yeah... I just want to draw or sleep but I took a two hour break from homework because I'm silly and now look what's happened I've got two end of unit tests tomorrow and one vocab test yay wish meh


Tap COLLAB WITH MISTEE I LOVE HER so I'm s a d d atm but yeah... I just want to draw or sleep but I took a two hour break from homework because I'm silly and now look what's happened I've got two end of unit tests tomorrow and one vocab test yay wish meh

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Thanks for the shoutout❤️I'm procrastinating right now too because I have homework and Im here like "NOPE ONE MORE COLLAGE" and then I end up making like, fifty😂
Can you remix this pic to me?? I love it!😂❤️
ok glad your good :)
I'm doing it right now😢
Night night (btw I still haven't started)
good Hru?💓
phil is not on fire 9 bloopers :)
This is so beautiful!! AWESOME work, you two! :D
I’m so sorry you’re feeling sad...if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know❤️❤️
it’s not that I’m supporting it, but I can understand where they are coming from even though it is totally wrong. plus, I think I made those comments really late at night so I was probably super tired but I guess that’s no excuse but if you get what I mean yeah
I did a face reveal..I ugly😂
Don't question the beans
It only leads to secrets best left undisturbed
hello. how are you?
wait r u quitting ??:(
please don’t leave pc if that’s what your bio’s about
but I guess if it will make you happier I’ll understand
ohh! that makes total sense.
I’m good too.
XD I have to stay at school till 8 pm tonight...theatre rehearsal is really loooooooooonnnnnnnggggg
I’ll try....
Aw thanks😂💜🔮
hey how are you
Do you need to talk? I can talk for a bit before I have therapy
I’m sorry😕 I wish I could help you and be more of a supportive friend. I’m trying though
I’m sure lots of people like you. You’re a pretty awesome person and your really kind💙
I did something similar. And mine is permanent. I have cut scars all up my whole left leg. I put IHM, and it’s stands for: I hate myself. And it’s from last year. So I did it exactly a year ago
Maybe. I also have barely noticeable ones on my right arm and shoulder, my other holder. And then slightly more noticeable ones, like the indents on my left wrist and the cuts from this year before my attempt which is on my side😕 I have so many scars
I’m ok u
x good
Np. If I can help you at all please tell me
Yw :)
Re: Hello.
Re: I feel alright, I guess. But my school had three deaths this year..
thank you so much for letting me know that someone stole my work. I’m grateful. 💙
just wanted u to know I don't really 'hate' u. I just needed some time alone
never heard of the last two, what are they?
thank you!
Re: But I am worried about my friends
good wbu
I just fed my chickens
I love my chickens
yay what lol
bu did u and Harper had something do with Blake
yeah we had ten minutes of silence for the victims
Re: Okay..I’ll try to distract myself.
hey ! whats up ?
hey this is my extras account
I hate being bored 😂 it sucks
I’m just now eating dinner 😂 time differences are hilarious to me 😂😂
macaroni and cheese 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
I didn’t
how are you?
I’m not entirely sure, I assume I’m okay but I really can’t tell. I’m really glad ur marks faded and that ur feeling better though💙
great. -.-
hello. how are you?
that’s good.
I’m alright. XD someone in class just threw a book at me tho...
yup....people are...odd...😂
okay. I hate talking on the phone too...I’m so awkward.
my friends do that too sometimes..sorry she was mad.
hopefully she won’t be
hi I love your account so much you are so inspirational💜 you will go far in this world
life is so draining rn
I’m just so sick of it
oooh bastille is dope
pretty good hbu
I only have one, but I might have more later on
I didn't copy her collage, she said I did but I looked up short quotes and used that one, I had no idea she used that quote too!! and I used different fonts and pictures, it was all my stuff but she got mad and blocked me
I'm so sad rn idek what to do
that's pretty cool!
I'm pretty good, hru? And sorry, I was kinda freaking out because I didn't want my irl friend to find my account :P
CONGRATULATIONS! You are 1 out of the 1 people to care about my account.
i used phonto, and downloaded some fonts onto phonto from Dafont.com. Here r the fonts I used which u can find on Dafont.com: Blacklisted, Good Vibes, New Romantics and Hanging Letters. Just type in any of them into Safari example: "Good Vibes Dafont" and then you'll find them. hope that helps xx
Np xx
tired, I just came back from de school consent
Ooh that's a good plan I should try doing that. She's grabbed my iPad multiple times :/
it’s 9:54 AM
what’s up?
Mhm. I'm still kinda scared she'll find it and my internet and irl lives will come crashing together
re:// Hello
tHaNk yOU😃🤩
re:// I’m good...you?
re:// sameee
not that bad actually
(believe it or not)
I know right; mind blown
ignoring the fact that I’m getting hungry at irregular times
not rlly but thx for asking Chloe!!!
i heard some guys during lunch talking about how sometimes they’ll get hungry a lot then growth like ten inches so this better be a growth spurt or else I’ll just get fat or something XD
You're taking this to the next level. Fake accounts and shįt. Are you secretly a spyyyyyy?
rip in peace, man :(((
But wow you're good at being a spooky secret spy
oh well I’m 155 cm rip me
I might be a bit taller than that but that’s the last time I measured myself
no surprised there; most people are *teardrop*
hah rip
I’m tempted to get ARMY’s amino but I’m not really sure so I probably won’t
and I hope so! 🙃
ya thx I’m good how r u
Is this the introverted extrovert
Ooh good tactic, pretending you don't use it very often 👌
I’m good hbu
how do you get that font?😢
this is beautiful
I rly like your creative amazing collages
this is so amazing! the font you use for the word “me” I have that font but don’t understand how to get the three shapes on the sides of the words. how do you do that?