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i hAvE nO fRiEnDs ;———;
writing songs
Listening to music, Partying, Being in Pic Collage (I especially love this account), memes, being with my besties, running( I LOVE RUNNING) Karate, Singing, wearing comfy clothes(and UGGS, because there the best), and.....ya!
and watching Netflix and YouTube
people leaving me alone
watching YouTube 😂
I think this is a great account, you get to help people because you chose too
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when I’m just about to take a shower I said things to my self and then my mom tell me "what are you doing?" and I’m like mom I’m just saying how awesome I am hahaha ❤️❤️
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thank you
I love playing with my dog and swimming at my grandparents house
ive been on PC for about 3 months I think with this acc but my main has been here for about 7
tysm!! your so nice😊💖
yes i love all these! they all make me happy! some other things are doing a good workout or playing sports like soccer!!⚽️ 💛💛
my dog and a good workout 😂💛
🌻Declan McKenna!