Such a sad event!  Prayers for X’s family!

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Such a sad event! Prayers for X’s family!

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it's such a shame😭😭💗
Thanks ❤️❤️
Ur legit sooo sweet!! 💓 can we be friends?¿
Hey Ro! Did you want bg or text for our collab? And what song? I already have a lot of my collages for this theme done already, but for songs I haven’t done The Story Of Us, Never Grow Up, Haunted, Last Kiss, Ours, If This Was A Movie, and Superman
I never really heard this person, but it’s so disgusting to me how people are HAPPY about a death. Yes, from what I heard I am not a fan, but still. Preach💓
I definitely agree
I saw this one lady who said she was cheering with her glass of wine to the death of a monster. I know he did some bad stuff in the past, but he was rlly trying to be better and so many ppl make shîttÿ mistakes in life. anyway tho I’m like lady ur disturbing celebrating someone’s death!! she is just as bad doing that ya know? it’s disgusting. like what if that was ur son who made a few pretty bad mistakes and he was trying to be better and then he got shot, you wouldn’t just be celebrating I’d hope???? ughhh it’s terrible. and all this gun violence lately makes me sick. it’s so sad.
it’s also so sad that we’ll get no more music from X. I wasn’t a super fan but he had some really great works of art.
Oh well you commented for one haha 😂
Do you have a song preference?
Do you like any from the album Speak Now, since that is my current theme?
ikr! the fact that he had so many more years left to be better and change the world kills my heart. And same girl
Thanks!! Okay I thought that, but just checking b4 I sound like an idiot haha. AND YESS that’d just be the best thing ever right?!
:” that’s so sad... and thanks ☺️💗
that’s so sad. wow. I would’ve cried too. And truly does suck. :(
I'm kaira :)
thx for the likes and the comment
tysm <3
ooooo i’ve always wanted to go to canada oml
ur name is so cute 💓🖖🏻
This is so true! I actually loved his music, but not him as a person. But he was making an effort to change and it's so incredibly sad that he died so soon.
ya, I agree. this is so true, I actually have never heard about him until yesterday, but that makes me so sad that people are celebrating his death. he made such a difference to this world in so many ways, he will be sorely missed.