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Winnie was lying in bed. she didn’t feel good. she starting coughing .
Char is really nervous for today
She gets out of bed worrying about what might happen today
“What if it’s like high school all over again” she says to herself
She texts Winnie to see if she can walk to uni with her
“Can we meet at mine?” she asks Winnie
After Char gets no reply she starts to walk by herself
(ok so am I
Char keeps wondering about what might happen today.
Char looks up at the cars passing by and sees Winnie driving
Char noticed that Winnie was coughing like crazy and started to get her attention
“hey you alright?” she asks worried
“sure” replies Char while hopping into the passenger seat.
“Lucas?” asks Char
“What that Lucas?”
“Is he always like this?”
(what bush?)
“Anyway, we better get to uni. I don’t want to be late on my first day”
(wow. Dramatic)
(aren’t we going in Winnie’s car tho
“Hi” says Char noticing the tension.
“Bye” says Char.
She starts walking
“I will” Char calls back sounding like an excited preschooler
Winnie reaches the uni gates and sighs
(lol I meant to says Char)
(where is Char supposed to go first. I don’t know how uni works. lol)
Char walks into the classroom. She looks around and sees lots of people.
rose walks into the room
“hey guys”
lol I don’t know what is happening
Instantly she spots the nerds at the front of the room, the cooler kids at the back. Char sits in the middle
Char looks down at her desk shyly
“Hi, again” she practically whispers
“thanks” she whispers again
“Are you sure you are okay?” Char asks Winnie
“Who’s Rose?” Char asks
“You can go home if you’re sick. You don’t have to stay here”
Theo sat in a chair, and was working on balancing a straw on his nose.
Char gets up determined to not let her shyness stop her. “Hi, I’m Char” she says to Rose
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“Hey!” This smiled at Winnie, and gave a slight smile to Lucas.
Nathan just walked around the halls, exploring.
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“Do you have any plans today?” Theo asked Winnie, he kept adjusting his collar nervously.
(hey I’m back)
“When does class start?” Char asks
“Lol, that answered my question” Char whispers
“Ooooo, Theo and Winnie”Char whispers teasing Winnie
“oooo cutee”
rose joins in
(Can we just skip the class and pretend class has finished?)
(that’s okay)
“Hi Rose! Have we met? I’m Char”
“Where do we go now?” Char asks
hey char! I don’t think so but hey
“what do you guys want to do?”
“We could go to the cafe” char suggested
Char started walking to the cafe
“So Tell me about Theo and you” Char said
(gtg bye)
Winnie was back at her apartment... relaxing and feeling a lot better.
Claire walked back to her apartment. She lived next to Winnie, but never talked to her. she unlocked her door and went in
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Claire turned on the tv and drank her tasty pumpkin latte
Claire sat it her room- lonely- wishing she had a friend. She was a shy girl but was a dare devil.
she thought- should I introduce my self to Winnie?
Claire is pacing threw her house.she did it know what to do
(yes my name is Claire for rp)
Claire got out in the bathroom in a hurry- she opened it, but they left. she sighed and saw some people walk down the hall way and speed walked to them
But they left so she exited the apartments
Claire had to walk her dog- Clover so she walked her dog to the pet store to get some dog toys. she saw Winnie and his other person. she wanted to say hi so badly. but was to shy
Theo was in the hospital, his head hurt too much so he wanted to see if something was wrong. Theo sat in the waiting room, running his eyes.
Nathan was as usual, at the bakery, he was helping by frosting cupcakes.
Claire quickly bought the toys and ran out. She always been so nervous around new people. She was kind of depressed. She sat on the bench and bursted into tears
Theo sat as the doctor took his temperature. The pain in his head had increased to a unbearable pain. Soon enough, the doctor gave him some medicine that Made Theo unconscious
Oh uh- uh uh uh. she froze..
Y-yess I’m fine. she choked on her words
I-I’m C- Claire. And uh uh- Yea-I-iim fine
Oh- uh-uhh o ah thanks!
Claire looked down. She wishes she wasn’t liked this. she was making a fool in front of everyone
she got up. and walked home with clover. She sighed and banged her head on her wall.
(oh sorry I went home to soon 🙄 no I’m not from around here)
She out a note on Winnie’s door- Asking to hang out some time? and saying sorry for freezing up. I’m extremely shy...
she went back inside and did her laundry
Nathan checked his phone, he texted Winnie back, “he said he had a really bad headache, I think he’s at the doctors, I’m not sure.”
Theo was still unconscious, as the doctor took his blood pressure.
gtg, I’ll be back later.
Claire finished her laundry- worst chore ever! she then cooked some noodles, and sat at the counter and ate
*there was the manger of hw apartments putting signs up of people’s names where hey lived, and Winnie found out she lived on the left to her.
*of the apartments
Anyone else on?
She opens the door and she says “Uh- Hi!”
Yea, I-I’m fine. I’m just ex-extremely shy. Wanna go to the coffee shop together?
Oh ok, sure! Could I bring over my dog?
*claire thought in her head- SCORE! I didn’t t freeze up!**
So, Have you lived around the area?
(also where is the uni at?)
(if ur in USA It could be in nyc?)
(btw starting on Monday, I won’t be able to rp till like 4 eastern time)
(4pm eastern time)
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"hey" Sadie texts Winnie. "what u doing?"
"yea! be right there"
she knocks on the door and twirls her hair hoping not to be intruding
"hey" I'm good she hugs Sophie
"hi Winnie!" she waves
"thanks for letting me around" she smiles at Sophie
she grins and goes into the house
"it's so cute!" Sadie laughs and pats the puppy
"thanks Sophie, maybe just a water?"
Sadie stoops to pay the two puppies
"thanks" Sadie takes the water
"so what are you guys doing?"
"I wish I had a puppy" Sadie smiles, looking at her red converse sneakers
Sadie goes to sit by Winnie
Claire kind of felt better. She at least knew 1 person. She went on her laptop and applied for the local cafe she loved, but she had to practice talking without freezing up..
"you look upset" Sadie glances at Winnie
"ok if you're sure"
"hmmm whatever you want"
she relies smiling
Sadie fidgets awkwardly in her seat, wanting something exciting to happen
"ok, thanks Sophie"
"thanks. ok, let's go to the park"
she feels Winnie's is up to something and she needs to know what
"who are you texting" Sadie asks
Sadie pauses. "ok" she wants to believe Winnie
Sadie follows
Sadie listens to them nervously
"yeah." she sighs
"I just hope this all turns out alright"
"I don't know... Winnie seems a bit weird"
Sadie looks around the huge park and spots someone in the distance
Sadie sits next to her
"what's going on?" Sadie is confused
Sadie glances at Winnie. she looks like she's hiding something
Sadie spots Lucas and gasps
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Rome drove up on her motorcycle, staring at the building which stood before her. She took off her helmet and let her long dark hair fly. She was probably going to be a loner here, but she was use to bottling up her emotions now.
She sat down and fiddled through her bag. She didn’t have much, but hey, it was a new life for Rome.
Rome looked up and pulled her jacket sleeves straight, “Hey,” she replied, “So how are you?” she asked.
“I’m Rome, Rome Dixon,” she stated. “Aw, I have a puppy too,” she smiled as she gestured to the small German Shepard which sat in her motorcycle basket.
Rome just nodded and hoisted her backpack on her shoulder, “So do you know where that apartment near the university is?” she asked.
“I’m Rome,”
“Cool!” Rome said, “Uh yeah- I’m new to the area,” she stated as the German Shepard hopped out of her basket and began to run around.
Rome just nodded and looked around the city. It was much nicer than her old place, but being perfect honest, nearly everywhere was better than her old place.
Rome nodded, “Well, it’ll be cool to meet him sometime,” she stated as she scooped up Nala and held her in her arms.
“Oh, what happened?” Rome asked, concerned.
“Oh,” Rome said sympathetically. She heard her phone bing and quickly looked at it before putting it away.
“Yeah- I mean it’s better then okay,” she said referring to her past...
“Chicago,” she responded promptly, “How about you?”
Rome nodded, “I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, but I’ve always been stuck in Chicago,” she laughed dryly.
“Sure,” Rome said as she hops back onto her motorcycle
And Rome rides her motorcycle over bc she can’t leave it in the middle of the park. She parked and scooped up Nadia.
Rome follows both of them with Nadia trailing behind her. Her phone began to go off. “Rome?” the first contact texted, “Ro, call me soon and be careful,”
Then the second contact texted, “Rome, make sure to stay out of sight. You aren’t safe,”
Finally, she looked at the third contact, a random number, “Rome Isabelle Dixon, no matter where you go or where you tried to hide, we will find you. There’s no point in trying to hide now, there will be chaos among you. You can’t prepare for this, you’ll never be ready. This is your end,”
Rome looked up, “Oh yeah, I’m fine,” she stated, “I love your apartment,” she complimented
(Yeah I really like to cause drama and chaos here😂)
(I have some future plot lines, but since Rome doesn’t really know many ppl I kind of want to hold off for awhile😏 lol)
“Well, I’m a MMA fighter and I train parkour. I also really like to cook, but my mother didn’t really ever let me,” she shrugged, “How about you?”
(Yes, just let me plan a bit more and then I’ll tell you)
“Oh cool, thanks!” Rome said, “Also, do you know where room 245 is?” she asked.
“K thanks,” Rome said.
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(Yeah I’m a night owl😂)
“I’m alright,” she replied, “It’s just some some people from my past,” she assumed that everything was going to fine that is, it always was.
“I never had a really good childhood. There wasn’t really a safe spot for me,” she replied.
“Yeah,” Rome replied as Nadia ran around, “Oh I’m sorry,” she replied as she picked up Nadia, “She has a lot of energy,”
“So how far is the university from here?” she asked.
Rome nodded, “Oh that’s not bad,” she replied (Just out of curiosity, how many guys are here?$
(K do we need more boys?)
(Oh bye. I should go too)
(Oh I’m still here)
(K! I’ll make one soon)
Rome then realized something, “I should probably check out my apartment, want to come?”
“hey”(wAit brb whats happening
(I’m going to bed now. gn!)
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