spring collage for ya! 
what do you think? 
QOTD: spring or summer?? 
AOTD: Summer!!

640x640 gembeacher

tap! spring collage for ya! what do you think? QOTD: spring or summer?? AOTD: Summer!!

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AOTD: summer
AOTD: summer
love this xx
thank you!!
thank you
TYSM for the spam! It really means a lot. I love your acc! Full of positive messages and inspiring collages 💕
np 💜
Would you consider collabing? if not, it’s fine. Just wondering.
yay! theme preference?
Beach sounds cool, I’ve never done a beach theme! I like Taylor Swift, if we wanted to do that.
So, you do the background and I do the lettering? Other way around? I really don’t mind.
What are you thinking?
yep! TYSM!
any specific quotes you want me to do?
aww tysm! 🌸🌿🦋 you’re support means a lot to me 💞
thanks :)
love this
aww thanks ❤️I love that quote, it even makes you feel determined saying it ☺️💓
TYSM! it looks amazing!
ok, imma little confused since this is my first time. I can’t fit it to a new remix collage without cutting off some. Is that ok? Also, what fonts should I use? The quote I was gonna do is “Salty Air, Sunkissed Hair”
I posted it in my remixes! Anything I should change? Any suggestions? If you don’t like it and don’t wanna post it, it’s totally fine. I’m not too proud of it myself.
hmmm.... wanna add our names?
oops. I forgot. can you do it? I’m scared imma mess it up. also, that way you can add any changes u wanna make.
thanks, it really turned out well!
yay! it looks great! ready to post?
also, what is the best way to post it?
like, should I put it on a new collage and then post it?
is that obvious? I feel rlly stupid 😂
yep I just did
I LOVE 💕 your account!!
You are an AMAZING collager! I ❤️❤️❤️ your account so much!
You deserve way more followers!