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Nice meeting you sir! how are you?😊
I good but bored:(
Wanna do something sir?
Remix me!
sup... you can call me liv
hey how are u
thank you for all the likes 😄
how are you
what's Going on with you?
cool is this you
I am so fricking tired
hey -winks- you can call me Lex
*smiles* how are you?
hes cute!
heyyy what’s up
I am not beautiful but nothing
😂😂no I’m not but thanks anyways
well thanks
that’s cool
and I’m so sorry I’ve been busy the past week 😬
omg your eyes are sooo blue, they’re so gorgeous....
you’re reminds me of my best friend....
he...his eyes were so blue and they would light up at just the mention of my name....god I miss him
I miss him so much and it’s all my fault his gone....
yeah....almost a year ago
*hugs you* it’s hard but I’ve decided that I won’t forget him but I won’t focus on the negative, I’ll focus on the positives like the fact that I even knew him
*starts to cry* I miss him so’s all my fault
yeah your right....I’m sorry, I just met and here I am burdening you with all my life my problems....
thanks, you’re so sweet....well recently my ex has been threatening me and I’m kinda scared....
thanks, but my isn’t going to stop threatening me until he gets what he should I just do whatever he tells me to
I can’t block him then he’ll actually be mad and who knows what he’ll do....I’m scared....what if he hurts me...
uh....he wants me have sxx with him...
yeah your right but what if he hurts me....
but why would he threaten me if they were empty threats....he was a tiny bit abusive but most of it was my fault so I don’t doubt his ability to hurt me
you mean he’s like trying to manipulate me or to get what he wants....I guess that makes sense....and btw I’m not beautiful....or at least he doesn’t think so
god he’s a jerk....and here I am just letting him treat me like this....what does that make me....
I can’t believe I couldn’t figure out he was manipulating me....god I’m so stupid....why would he do that to me....he must think I’m easy or something...
sorry this random but one of my collages got deleted so I didn’t see your latest comment
I’m an idiot I can’t believe I let him treat me like that....
it’s all my fault....I shouldn’t have let him treat me like that but maybe I deserved it....
lol yeah it was Jesus....I haven’t eaten for almost two days....because he told me no to....I don’t know why I listen to him
yo it be hopes boyfriend you sure be talkin to my girl a lot why cuz she be mine
I’m sorry about my boyfriend yesterday he gets a little crazy when I talk to other guys....
he does that a lot....I’ve gotten used to it...mostly cause when I complain I get “cheer bruises”.....
what how’d you know I meant he hit me....and I’m scared to leave
I do I need to leave him....I would let him hurt my daughter, he would have to kill me first...
maybe he’s right....maybe I deserve it...
sorry I just I’m used to it he does it all the I started to believe it...I don’t think he’s ever called me beautiful...most of the time he just calls me a slxt....
yo u need to leave my girl the fxck alone she doesn’t need u especially when u be lying to her telling her that she don’t deserve to be hit
I’m so so so sorry about my boyfriend I feel bad...
he promised he wouldn’t hit me again he promised....I don’t know if I should believe him
am I though....I don’t know if I am...maybe I deserve it...
he doesn’t....
yeah I know I must be like the worst mom ever to let someone like that be around her....’s just it’s hard to leave not just because I’m scared but because I love him you know
yeah I’m not sure I will a lot of guys tend to treat me like śhxt so....
I told u to leave my girl the fxck alone stop trynna tell her that doesn’t deserve šhxt when she fxcking does and btw I do love her you mother fxcker
wth u be talkin bout she’s my girl so of course I fxcking own her
I would fxcking fight anyone ain’t that obvious
I only hit her when she’s being a little fxcking bxtch or a little fxcking slxt which is quite often
mmm I think someone might be jealous
mmmm sure I mean who wouldn’t be jealous and I do love her
I mean u aren’t wrong she has a hot axx body
look at u figurin our šhxt I mean y else would I be with her
I agree with u about the whole hope thing she is an amazing sweet girl and deserves so much better than him, u would be way better to treat a girl right 😊 sending virtual hugs 🤗 -Dylan
Hey it’s Hope, I finally got my phone back from my boyfriend sorry about him by the way
thanks....was he mean to you...
I’m sorry....and that doesn’t surprise me to be honest that he was using me
thanks you’re really sweet but I doubt he’ll care he’ll find someone else
yeah maybe but I don’t know....guys treat me like śhxt I don’t know why they just do
yeah you’re to sweet to do anything like that
yeah sure of course you can tell me anything...