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sorry that I didn’t comment yesterday. I was busy with studying for the test tomorrow
yeah it’s fair. I have to study for a English test that could make or break my A grade
so you don’t need to respond I just wanna vent.
btw thanks for making this chat page
so I’m bi but I don’t know how to tell my friends and family. what if they think I’m weird
it feels good to hear it from someone like me. sorry I answered so late. I fell asleep and after that I had to go to school
I’ve never fitted into any group at school. you have the popular/cool guys, popular girls, musical kids, goth kids, nerds and the sports people. but me I’m a nerd, loner and music kid. I’m changing school soon. how do I fit in¿? l probably will never fit in. I’ll be a loner except when people need help with math and stuff
I’ve never really been bullied but people have told me unpleasant things and I’ve cut my arm because of that
I guess it’s good going to a different school but what if people think I’m weird or just don’t want to be with me
I just wish I didn’t have to grow up with people expecting me to be “normal” to be straight to not f up my whole life
I’m glad someone thinks so. I mean a new school is fun ofc but it’s not the school that I expected to go to
I’m so sorry that I didn’t answer. it was my brothers birthday and I was busy all day
sorry for the late response. how’s it going with the bite mark from your bird
ok. I’m just making sure you’re ok
oh I feel sooo sorry about your cousin.