Me trying to be funny...

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HELLO! lol, I’m not funny...
Rome woke up in her apartment. She was confused and tired. She quickly made herself breakfast before getting ready for the day.
Jessica sits on the couch watching stranger things she was up all night. She quickly changed and headed to stArbUcKs.
(Did it help?)
(anyone on?)
(Yes Thanks)
(I’m on!)
Winnie woke up late, she was out till 2am last night.
Nick gets out of bed and makes eggs in the kitchen but he burns them so gives up and walks to Wendy’s.
Winnie made herself a cup of tea.
Jessica orders tea and coffee along with a croissant.
Winnie gets ready (outfit in remix’s) then she goes for a walk.
Jessica then starts walking around looking for the fbi building.
I think I’m going to sleep now I have to get up early for school tomorrow night night
I’m going to try and find my earbuds and then I’ll be back
Winnie was walking in the park with her cup of tea.
rose walks up to her and smiles “hey”
Winnie arrives at the park, she had her dog daisy.
I’m awakeeeeeeeeeee
Winnie sipped her tea.
Connor texts her:’morning! where are you, I wanna come see youuuuu! C xx’
Winnie replied: ‘GoodMorning.’
He lays in bed and sees a message pop up: ‘where are you? are you at your apartment? Xx’
Winnie replied. ‘nope...’
He reads the message and types out a reply: ‘your not at another boys apartments are you...😂’
Winnie replied ‘umm about that...’
she texted ‘I’m at the park.’
He gets up at throws on some clothes, he replies ‘what about it?’
Winnie replied: ‘oh nothing, it was supposed to be a joke...’
He heads out of the door and types out a reply: ‘thank goodness! I’m on my way see you in a min x’
Winnie smiles. She sort of wanted to be alone but that’s ok.
He walks in the park and looks for her.
Winnie sits there with her dog, her glasses on and reading a book.
He spots her and walks over to her, his sits down on the bench next to her.
Winnie smiles at him.
He hugs her.
Winnie just sits there.
“Are you Okay?” he smiles at her.
“uh, yeah.” she said, she lied.
“okay.” he smiles at her widely.
Winnie pats Daisy on the back.
She sits there quietly.
“somethings not right.. I’m not dumb Winnie I know somethings the matter.” he looks at her with concern.
“Nothing is wrong, ok?” she said.
“Well if your sure..”
she said nothing. she looks at the ground.
“yeah?” she asked.
“do you want me to go? leave you be?” he stands up.
“it’s ok.” she said quietly.
He puts her arm around her shoulder, he’s worried about her.
Winnie said nothing.
He looks at her, he thinks about leaving.
She plays with the bracelet he gave her.
He smiles,”I can’t believe you still have it! That was ages agooooo!”
She glanced at Connor.
He sees her looking at him.
She smiled looking at the ground.
“Wanna take a walk?” he said, holding her hand.
“sure.” she said putting her hand against her side.
“Winnie. what’s wrong? what have I done? who upset you? Winnie?” he asks
“you haven’t upset me at all! I’m fine!” she said.
“are you sure..? okay then, if your sure.” he doesn’t want to doubt her.
(I’m back!)
Winnie stays quiet. she is walking daisy.
Winnie smiles. the real reason she’s upset is that she thinks that There relationship is going too fast. She also is spending all her time with him and not her friends.
Connor feels bad, he says that he won’t see her for a few days. “I’ve got to go, coursework and stuff you know? See you later.”
Winnie said nothing, she felt kind of bad...
He half smiles at her and walks out of the park and to his apartment.
“wait!” she yelled, “please don’t go.” she said quietly.
He turns around and looks at her.
“please, don’t go.” she said looking at him.
He shrugs.
“I’m sure you have friends to catch up to and stuff?”
“why do you have to go? is it because of me?” she asked a little upset.
“I have things to do, also you were acting like you didn’t want me there!”
(btw YEET is a great word)
(yep, YEET)
Winnie looked at him, “it’s not that I don’t want you here, because I do, it’s just that...”
“What is it?”
“I think our relationship is going too fast.” she frowned looking at her shoes.
“Oh okay, well let’s slow things down then. I agree I guess. Well let’s take it slow then.”
Winnie smiled.
“what were you thinking about our relationship?” she asked curiously.
“I like it.” he stated.
“are you sure you don’t want any changes?” she asked.
“mhm.” he doesn’t know what she means by changes.
“Anything to make it better?” she asked.
“Maybe just be a bit more open to me? I just want to help and be here for you, that’s all.” he says.
“of course.” she smile. she gave him a hug. “I have to go.” she said.
He hugs her back. “well see you later then, I’m free tonight if you want to do anything but I get it if your not.”
“oh, I can’t tonight. I moving.” she said as she walked away.
He was fighting tears as he walked, he got into his apartment and let the tears come out
Winnie started to move things. she needed boxes to move 3 storeys higher.
She got 3 boxes packed and was bringing them up to her new apartment.
He looked at the picture of them both and began crying again, he was upset but he didn’t show it to Winnie.
Winnie was half way done! it had been an hour and 45 minutes.
Winnie remembered she didn’t say bye to Connor earlier, she grabbed her phone and texted: ‘I forgot to say bye...’
Connor pushed any thoughts of Winnie to the back of his mind, he shouldn’t be angry with her but he is just hurt.
He hears his phone go off and just ignores it for minute.
Winnie continued to pack.
she sends this emoji: ‘😂’
He reaches over and looks at his phone to see the text from Winnie. He sighs, he replies: ‘It’s okay, sure you just have been busy moving. How is it going? If you need any help then let me know? X’ He re-reads the message and deletes the X in fury.
Winnie replied: ‘it’s ok, I’m a strong, independent Woman. 😂’
He half laughs and types out a reply: ‘awh yeah🙂.’ he’s trying not to be rude but he’s not really in the mood.
Winnie was concerned, she typed: ‘are you ok?’
‘Course👍.’ he gets up and heads to the shopping centre.
‘ok then, bye!’ she typed back.
Winnie continues moving all her stuff. she just has her bed and food left.
He’s kind of upset that she didn’t realise that he was upset. He took the bus.
Winnie dismantles her bed. she takes it up the stairs, on piece at a time.
He got off the bus and headed to Starbucks, he ordered a late night coffee.
it was 6pm. Winnie was exhausted. she got her phone and texted Connor: ‘hey! 😁’
He drunk his coffee and scrolled through his phone. A message popped up and he read it, it was from Winnie. He replied: ‘heya.’
Winnie got back to work! she just had to move her food.
Winnie texted him: ‘my new home is so different! 😂’
He finished his coffee and wandered around H&M.
‘Noice, I bet it look real nice😎.’
He picks up a pair of jeans and a load of jumpers and pays for them, he walks out of the shop.
‘are you ok?’ she asked him.
Connor does a food shop, he picks up a few of Winnie’s favorite things Incase she comes around one day. He heads back to the bus stop.
‘Yea, I’ve just got some food and stuff from the shop. Heading back home now, I’m going to eat dinner then watch the football.’
Winnie was finally finished. ‘I’m so glad I moved! I won’t miss my old place.’ she said
He walks into his apartment and unloads his shopping, humming.
Winnie sits on her couch. she smiles to herself.
He makes some spaghetti, he makes two portions. He eats one himself.
He carries the other plate around to Winnie’s new apartment, he puts it on the floor and knocks on the door. After he knocked he walks away, smiling.
^he left it for Winnie as a present.
(I thought Connor thought she moved away...)
(he’s trying to be nice lol)
(I thought that was why he was crying)
(ohhhhhhh, ok)
Winnie opened the door to find a plate of spaghetti. she was really confused for a second then took a photo and sent it to Connor. ‘yum!’
‘thanks for my dinner 💖’
(why was Connor upset?)
‘How did you know it was me! Hahahah. Your welcome, enjoy😄🧡!’
(family stuff)
Winnie ate the food. it was really good!
Connor grabs his phone and texts her: ‘👍 or👎?’
Winnie finished the food and washed the plate. she went to the store and bought a rose. she drove to his apartment, put the plate on the floor with the rose on top and knocked on his door. she hid.
Connor was singing loudly to ‘Youngblood!’
Winnie was laughing outside. she knocked on the door once more.
He somehow heard the knock over the music, he opened the door to see a plate.. and a rose! He chuckled to himself and took a photo.
He was grinning and turned around to walk back inside..
Winnie texted him the lyrics to Youngblood.
Connor looks at his phone, he’s confused. He looks around..
she stands outside his door holding the rose, waiting for him to open the door.
He opens the door still singing, he sees Winnie.. “Oh my god! Hi!!”
Winnie cracks up laughing.
He laughs too, he’s grinning from ear to ear.
“Sir, May I have this dance?” she asked in a posh accent with her hand out fir him to hold.
“Of course my lady!” he is struggling not to laugh.
Winnie smiles as he takes her hand.
Happier begins to playy,
“I Love this song!” winnie said
He starts dancing with her, chanting the lyrics!
He falls to the floor rolling around laughing.
(listening to the song now)
(same😂I gotta go and do stufff ttyl!)
(ok bye)