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*looks at remixes, sees nothing, waits*
wait what !!!!!!
hey how do u do that thing where u like have a person and then u make like an exact outine ???
also how old r u ????
I gtg lol what happens to ur bio !!!😭😭😂😂
RLY WT ur r so TALENTED 😍😍😍😍I’m older tho 😂😭😭
I’m 13 !!!!
omg rly
I think that seeing it too much gets annoying, this app is for creating your own art! :)
Hi. Sorry for the copy and paste message. But I am doing a Autumn Games. Choose a Team quick before it’s too late. And whichever team wins in the end gets the choose os amazing prizes. Have a great day. 18Tumblr
nothing in remixes....
oh ok lol
Yeah, I’ve tried asking them.
Since you are following NJNcub-collabs I just want to let you know that it got hacked and to follow this new account!!
rly oh thx for letting me know
there’s nothing wrong, per say, but celestially has a lot of secrets about her time on pic collage and I don’t think it’s fair that her friends don’t know. I’m not saying she’s a bad person or a bad collager because she isn’t, and I’m not gonna say anything without her permission but I think people should know who they are friends with
don’t you wanna know about who the people you talk to really are?
ooh! yay can’t wait to see
Hey! I think your collages are AMAZING! Do you mind if a do a style that’s similar? it won’t be exactly the same and I will give credit😆🙃
CJross is doing a YouTube Games Go check it out🧡 (sorry for copy paste message)
np💖and thank you so much for the follow!!😁
how do u make the lines continue out on that font??
btw this is 😍 lovely
thx for following me
she will be ok
😭my heart is beating soo fast right noww..Omg
How do you make the font?