thank y’all for 200!!


❤️❤️ thank y’all for 200!!

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hi this is Falconheavy1 from the blue butterfly project, you must submit your entry for the competition within the next 24 hours if you still would like to participate. if you are unable to contact your partner or have any other questions or issues please contact me either on the blue butterfly project pages or on my personal account. i hope you are having a great day. 🦋
hi this is Falconheavy1 with the blue butterfly project. we are so sorry to have to do this, especially to those who have already submitted their entries to the contest. we are pushing back the due date until May 30th. we are very sorry we have to do this but only two teams have submitted so far. if you and your team do not submit your collage by the 30th you will be removed from the competition. if you can not contact your partner or have any other issues or questions please let me know. if you would like to drop out please let both me and your partner know. we will work with your partner to find them somebody else to work with if they would still like to participate. thank you 🦋 -Falconheavy1
hi! I’m Avery and I’m new to pc! I would love it if you checked out my account and entered my icon contest! thanks! (sorry for the copy and paste)
heyyy come check out my contest!! winner gets a follow and a shoutout!!
ahh yes!