Collage by floha


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LOL what there’s three pick how that happened...
idk** not pick lol
i rmb back in the day before i left we used to talk and honestly i remember u being sooo kind and funny and not to mention ur collages are like perfection honestly
oh my your account is sooo gorgeous🦋💛🥺🌸your texts are always so so stunning and beautiful and aesthetic💕💕
I’ve always loved your collages! They’re so pretty and you seem to be a really sweet person!
the collages you make are always soo stunning!! I love your account and you’re so talented!! ❤️
ur ok ig 🦐
Livvy you are one of my first friends here and your personality never ceases to make me happy.
that’s terrible that you don’t get a spring break ! also video calls are kinda fun since you can really do anything😂 and luckily i’m getting away with not having to show my face so i could just not be there at all since in my classes i’m the quiet one so i’m not suspected of anything if i do something stupid😂
okay omigosh your collages have always been SO amazing and you’re super talented . you have one of the best personalities and are always so sweet💕 i really missed you so so much when you were gone but i’m so glad you came back !!🥺😪
yeah :)
tysm🥺 and you’re welcome :)) and YES . except i always have my christmas tree visible because we have to have our cameras on since some people leaked the code and random people joined and did some not nice things so
egg salad 🥴🥴 might change later who knows
I absolutely love ur account!! ur so creative! and so sweet!
ours are like that too in a way but we have some kids that just put up meme backgrounds and it’s pretty great😂
how have you been ?💕
yeah i get that , i’ve actually been able to go outside more often so i’m happy about that , but i’m stressed over my ap exam