Happy Holidays! Featuring @timetraveler!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

December 31


Happy Holidays! Featuring @timetraveler! Happy New Year’s Eve! December 31

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thank you for the feature!!
hey y’all friends?? btw thank u talentedcollagers for following me, i am thanking all of my followers!!!!!😁 thanks
whenever i day y’all friends i mean timetraveler and talentedcollagers.
i would be honoured to be featured! thanks so much for this ❤️❤️
this is such a cool idea for a account keep up the awsome work!
lol i feel like it’s way too late bc i’ve only just seen your comment (i have been having a break from piccollage) and i don’t know if it is too late but ✨ and thank you so so much for considering me!
✨ of course! thank you so much, that means a lot to me!
i know quite a few people that deserve features, here are some: @trelawney @_serein_ @SophLoaf72 @_eunoia_ @braindead_ @love_yourselfx3 @toastedtoasts @ryoth . They are all so incredible💕
oh and how could i forget the lovely @_rae
am I talented
RE: (feature) Oh wow!! I was on hiatus, so I never saw your request, but I would really love to be featured if you're still willing to do so!!
hi there... I just wanted to say that @Unorthodox_Aesthetics definitely deserves a feature! if you could, please feature one of her collages, they’re all so pretty ❤️ tysm :))