Make sure to wash your hands👍👍


•❤️🎈💫• Make sure to wash your hands👍👍

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woah- I can’t believe you only have 70 followers what the heck! you deserve wayyyy more!
hmm... who’s your ult. group and ult. bias?
how many groups do you do stan?
which group did you stan first?
milk or cereal first?
vanilla or chocolate?
what’s your favorite dessert?
do you have any pets?
favorite bts album?
country you want to visit the most?
wow- you really don't have many followers i- you deserve so much more.🤧☁️
soft or hard stan? (sorry this question might be a little weird haha~)
underrated ATEEZ song?
do you biases tend to be one of the youngest or oldest? or is it just random? lol
weirdest food combo you actually like?
what's your aesthetic?
what's your favorite thing about kpop that's different from regular pop music?