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that’s my daughter 😍
if absolutely love too
aweee noel she looks just like you baby *smiles tearing up*
hi little princess
*moves her blanket a tad*
she’s so tiny 🤯
oh my god
i know *smiles down at her*
*nods swaying her*
look at mommy *smiles at you*
*kisses her head*
*smiles* where’s gray
oh why?
oh *nods*
*hands her to you*
yeah i got him *goes up there* hey gray
what’s wrong bub
you have to be patience buddy
uh okay
uhm pretty good wbu?
you can’t demand things bud, it doesn’t work like that son
Noel don’t say that . Gray is just as important, we just have to try harder. Do you wanna play trucks bud? i’ll play with you
go pick out trucks bub
which one should i be?
ok buddy
*moves my trucks around*
*drives my trucks over to you*
*drives around*
whatcha doing bud
you can get more
you wanna play legos now?