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oh wow
I’ve always wanted to go to Australia I’ve heard it’s really pretty
I would loveeee to go to Australia! I’m in Orlando now and I’m at Disney
oh I live in Australia! it’s awesome
Make sure you enter Round 3 ! it’s due on friday!
Hey, this is ifwe_burn, I deleted my acc my accident🤦🏻‍♀️ so here is my new acc, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience (sorry for the copy and paste message) tysm!!!
Hey! Don’t forget to enter round 2. Due date is the 10th!
I’m staying for 4 days, and I’m on day 2 rn. I’m headed of to a Disney cruise after
could I colab with u
hey u ready to colab
did I win something? cuz u spammed me with likes.
Hi!!! I love what your trying to do, trying to get the word out about needing conservationists to help save the world 🍃 It’s a subject I’m really passionate about and I enjoy seeing other people who enjoy it too 🐝
hi sorry it been awhile since I was on your page
Hi! Just a quick reminder to enter round two! Due date: 10th August
Thank you!!!! 💘💘
haha hiiiiiii
my old account was literally dead lol
Round Three results are up!!
Round 4 is up!!
Please enter round two, or you’ll be eliminated!!
I really don’t want you to be eliminated, but if you don’t enter today then you will be
hey magpiebald12 is round 3 coming