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No peeking!!


Chat page No peeking!!

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Hey can’t wait to get working on the collab
any ideas for a theme
Mabye as I’m doing another collab that has more of a dark theme
this could be mabye positive and pastel
yay ok cool
so who should do what??
do u wanna chose the bg??
and a tumblr girl
and should I chose pngs and mabye a quote?
sure I’ll do the bg and tumblr girl
yes! great plan!
ok cool! u can choose the colour sceme
u can choose any colour
I’ll find some quotes mabye
I like the ones about flowers
mabye that could be r theme
actually i did! the winner was peppermint lilies
also, teal is full but you can join yellow
ok! flowers and pastel aesthetic is our theme!
yay sound great
ok I did the bg!
yay this is amazing
round 1 of the color games is out!💖💖🥳
thanks 😊
how about this??
check my remix
do u think it’s ready?? u can add anything u want to it
yeah, get rid of those
thanks! I like it still tho! you did great!
and u i love the bg
hey I can’t seem to get rid of them
it won’t let me remix my old copy
so go onto to the original collage you did for the text and pngs
then tap the little box with and arrow.
the press save to album or save to images or smth
then go onto here, go into images, then remix it!
how about this
do I think it’s ready to post
tysm for doing that!
is it ready ?? can’t wait to post
or do u think it needs something else or not?
nope! let’s go!
yay fun can’t wait