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Heart 3 Response 2
reading raindrops I want u to make a article plz
pineappleboca I want u to also make a article
spotlight u r also making a article
night prowess I want u to do the ask the experts sectikn
remember: don’t decorate what you remix me. as long as I can copy paste it into the article it is good. If u r a reporter don’t forget to make the article longer. they have been a bit short lately, interviews are good to fill up the space. DUE WEDNESDAY
I will try my best to complete this
assignment, since there is a big chance
I'm leaving by Tuesday.
I'll try and do this soon!!!
Sure, can I add photos to my articles?
^^ Is this better?
ok ill complete this soon
hello I saw your magazine and was wondering if I could do something for it!
I'm sorry. I'm going to have to leave
this job, I just don't have enough time.