Final Notes:

When I say the way you "interact" with each other. I mean the way you talk through your problems and encourage each other! You girls are literally amazing! ♥

1080x1080 Leila101

Final Notes: When I say the way you "interact" with each other. I mean the way you talk through your problems and encourage each other! You girls are literally amazing! ♥

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Yea, I can’t imagine.
lol 💖 When I get bored I make up riddles that make absolutely no sense and share them with my siblings! 💖I'll share one with you and then you can send one back to me! Let's start! 👇
If a bus leaves the train station at exactly 3:51am travels 576mph to NYC. Throws a passenger out of the window. Another passenger gets eaten by a tiger. Gets picked up by a helicopter in D.C. Gets taken away by King Kong who carries it up the Sears Tower in Chicago. The bus then drives back down the Sears Tower picking up 4 new passengers on the way. If all this is true what color eyes did the bus driver have?
i have a riddle! its pretty tough tho, you might not get it immediately. here it is: perserver
I’m excited for the tutorials! it’s awesome that you’re spreading positivity on Pic Collage!!!💗😊
;). we’re proud of you. keep up the good work sweaty. 🅱️lease. lorc knows that’s what the world deserves.
sorry we're too tired to explain humor to u babe :) figure it out
maybe how you grew your account, how you get inspiration, and how you edit your background pictures😊
do you only use pic collage to edit?
cool! I know a lot of collagers have been wondering tips on getting featured, so maybe that would be great to talk about😊
u wish sweaty uwuwuwuwu 💜💜💜💜💜
THE RIDDLE ANSWER IS: why is a bus pulling out of da train station?
im not usually one to double text, but sweatysweaty where are you??? 💜💜💜💜 uwu 💜💜💜💜
👆 This character... Trying to spread the hate while we trying to spread the love.... SMH...
i wouldnt know! is it? 💜💜💜
oh leelah. leelah, leelah, leelah. if you saw my last comment, i deleted it because i dont actually have to leave now. turns out, i can be here all night! anyways, the co
-owner of this account is a hero and a saint. you know nothing of her power. get ready for tomorrow, because when she gets back, i dont know what will happen. i do know that it will be very entertaining, however.
i guess that brings me to another comment of yours. its more of a fascination than an obsession, really. why, you ask? i can assure you that neither admiration nor jealousy have a part to play in anything we do, except admiration for the underappreciated and unrecognized creators on this app. no, its more of a longing, a need, for justice. truth. transparency. honestly, we probably wouldn't still be here if this whole thing wasn't so entertaining. maybe, deep down, we really are your fans, leelah. we do enjoy the content you put out, but perhaps not the content intended to enjoy.
the hearts are cute! they were the "co-owner's" idea, actually! its so funny to me that you would call her a hater. maybe youre jealous! aha! i suppose i cant blame you, she is pretty great, isnt she? shes one of the smartest people i know (shes really good at spelling, maybe she could give you a few pointers :) ! ), shes an amazing athlete, shes hilarious, shes incredibly artistically and musically talented, and she is so, so kind. kind and cool, a hard combination of traits to possess together, right? somehow she manages though. maybe you should make a fanpage for her!
we're looking forward to it. :)
she is!
tbh, I’m not completely sure. but I don’t think so. you can delete their comments though
I remember several years ago(when I had a different account) I blocked someone who commented on my posts, and my posts didn’t get deleted. It might have changed since then though
oh my goshhhhh. I just read them all. That’s so annoyingggg!!!! I love how they tried to bite you and say that your jealous by describing the co-owner as “ an amazing athlete, hilarious, artistic and musically talented”😂I would say their bark is just slightly bigger then their bite😂😁
Next thing you know they’ll bring in a lawyer😂😂
Bahahahahahahaha. They even changed their username to perserver(e)🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is just getting to be extremely amusing😅
this is so kind and inspirational. i love riddles but i am not very good at them! i am curious, what is the answer to your riddle?❤️
Hello! I luv your acc soooo much!!! Your collages are just soooo perfect!!! 😘
Thankyou!!! ❤️
this is so inspirational! love ya girl!
lollllllll 😂
Great collage! :D
Congrats on the feature! 😆
✨✨ preach queen
this is so inspiring ❤️Your amazing Leila!! I love the pic collage community 💗🌻
Leila you are always so encouraging, kind and inspiring! 💓💕
beaut!! and so so inspiring 😍😍
also, my second new username vote is up now! xxxx
this is so incredibly inspiring!!!!! 💕 you are so nice and amazing 🌿 keep doing what your doing!!!
love you sweetie! ❤️ keep up the good work😉
Congrats on the feature Leila😊❣️
hey, um there is a hateful acc -dreamdust- that is hating on a other collage. I don't mean to snitch but she is threatening to hack -dreamstars-
Collager not collage**
Exactly! :) Hate will never stop but we can always spread some more love!
yes! ^ I agree with the comment above! ❤️
thank you!! and it’s honestly just hilarious. another thing I don’t understand is why they have so many accounts... There’s like 4 of them
NP, wanna be friends? Your acc is. perfect. so. ya.!!!!!!!
bahahaha😆true😁 and Wdym by “feature?”
maybe tomorrow? 😂 #spreadthelove ! 💕 #spreadtheloveasthickaspeanutbutter 😂 (I like peanut butter)
Oh. This was featured
yes exactly!
np Leila!💗
He’s cool, I just like Peeta more. 😂
What did I get featured, or what one was deleted? 😆
And ty!!!
Imma add you to my bio cuz you are just soooo sweet ❤️
Which is a great and wonderful idea Leila! :)
hey leila! i was just wondering, where do you stand on lgbt rights issues? thanks!
no hate either way lol! just curious
Leila........ do you think you could help me?
this is amazing!♥️
this is what I needed😂thanks for being my PC big sis who helps me through play on words and encouragement😂💞
lol you are really funny😂💕
I think both would’ve awesome but Mono-colored sounds better to me😂😂
you’ve been more than enough of a help! thank you so much ❤️
That’s a great idea! I’m not good at coming up with username ideas but here are some: @A-Small-Act-Of-Kindness or @SpreadingKindness
Hey Leila! How have u been? Good luck on your book!💓💓
Oh, hahah. 😅😅 Thanks for the vote of confidence.💗✨ I’m still probably not going to be coming up with LOTS of usernames any time soon. XD
ikr😂😂 and no I didn’t. @waves_ made it for me. She was only doing the first 10 requests so I’m not sure if she’s full up yet. there’s another account tho @_abstractthoughts and she makes icons with the same effects!!
@perserver(e) decided to photoshop all of the satire and sweaty definitions😂😁 I went & remixed the really definitions for “sweetie” & “sweaty”😁
I’ll start from the beginning: I joined Pic Collage about 2 weeks ago I think? and I had posted 3 collages. I later deleted them though. Lauryn (BLUEHORIZONS) said that apparently I had “lied” to one of her friends about when I joined, but I hadn’t. I was being truthful. and so I also had a hatepage, which has been stalking me for around a week. that’s what I heard from Lauryn anyways. and they must’ve been looking for some reasons to degrade me. but they posted one collage as of now, and their reasoning as to why they hate me is stupid... I really don’t know what to do, why would someone create a hatepage for me?
The user is StarGazing-Hate :(
tysm! 💓
and my cat thanks you 😂
Lol I bet. 😂 Oh, you got this featured. 😆 🎉
aw Leila, tysm💗that means a lot coming from you
aw i doubt that but thank you so much Leila! that means the world coming from the queen of piccollage xox💓💓
Thank you! School hasn’t started for me yet. How about you?
I will try, but I'm not that fluent in cat haha
Hey Leila, do you have wattpad?
aw ok then💗
haha I'll have to try that
does she ever respond? 😂
Oh, okay. I think it'd be really cool for you to get it because you have so many inspiring words and I bet you could make lots of great books!
If you do, my account is BananaxAnna if you want to check it out.
That’s awesome Leila!
What classes are you taking?
I also have a riddle for you.
There was a mother named Mary. She had six children. Five were named April, May, June, July, and August. What was the sixth child's name?
thank you!
aw thanks!! and ikr. It’s really pathetic that they think we don’t know how to spell😂😂
this is a beautiful collage! 🌼💓
What I said to them was, (on patoo1 you can see for yourself) "Lastly, as kindly as possible, if you adsvertise on my page again..I'm reporting you to PicCollage for two things. One you're advertising on my page without permission. Two, you keep commenting on my page after I expressed to you to stop. That's harrassment. Literally, if you have nothing better to do than pick on me, donate your time to charity..or get a job. You know, something worth while perhaps?"
congratulations on the feature!
yes this is cooy an paste but i'm a rebel😂😂 i need an icon and i'm runny a contest that ends tmrw!! check it out (if u want to)!!
I’m new to PC! I would really appreciate if you could check out my account and maybe leave a like or a follow! 😘 😋 Love, WUNDERLUST (btw congrats on the feature!)
Amazing! 💕 Check out my account! 💕👑🌨🌸
That is why art is important it shows your personality. Nice job
aww thx