Comment your favorite color down below! 
It’s really nice outside, but I still have school for this week


Comment your favorite color down below! It’s really nice outside, but I still have school for this week

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green is my favorite color tooo
me too
yep you are right
hey it’s hope
I’m good I don’t know what happened but he told me he loved me
yeah he really didn’t tell me what you guys talked about but that’s ok
did you guys talk about his parents and his sisters
I see more good in him then anything else
yeah he’s really protective of them
his parents were terrible
lol I think he’d rather loose me then my brother they’ve been since forever
yeah he would never want that
he promised me that he won’t hit me anymore
yeah I can tell he wants to change he’s being different today
oh thanks I might need help with that and I doubt it Jake doesn’t like when we are alone together
ok thanks
Jake just doesn’t like his little sister aka me to be alone with guys
yeah he’s kind of overprotective it’s annoying
yeah I complain but I love it
help me....jakes asking about my bruises and I don’t think he believes that they are cheer bruises anymore
yeah he’s going to beat Kaiden up I can tell you that much and I don’t know how long we will last but I want to try
my brother got pxssed but he didn’t beat Kaiden up so that’s good
yeah I think I want to try and stay together but I don’t know what he wants so
yeah I will
yeah i get it but its almost impossible to get through to phycopaths like that
i take it back I read through the comments and i’m so happy you got through to him. you’re really amazing!
yeah although I’m not sure I’ll need it....we took a walk today by ourselves surprised Jake let me do that
it was great
what no we were talking about something
they’re good
hi I have a friend her name is JJKing123 she is amazing I would appreciate if you could go follow her thank you dot your time😁
I’m loving this new account!
yellow is my fav
no prob! and thank you 💗
I mean I haven’t eaten in a day
yeah you can tell me anything
I don’t deserve is for girls who are pretty and skinny and I’m neither of those things
I know it’s not your fault it’s no ones really I’ll just never be happy with the way I look or how much weight I’ve lost
my mindset generally negative I don’t know why and the last thing I ate was carotts and cucumbers I also had coffee this morning of course no creamer though
can you do it and I’m not vegetarian necessarily but I don’t eat any meat except for fish
I want to stop drinking coffee because it’s not good for you and those sayings are so good I don’t know if it’ll work though I’ve tried it before
yeah that makes sense I started not eating so I could cause pain to myself that nobody else could see because I thought I deserved it
I know that now but after doing it for so long it’s hard to just start eating like a normal human again....oh and I have exciting news
I’m going to be an aunt...I’m so excited
yeah he has a girlfriend....fiancé pretty soon
oh thank you ttyl
My favorite colors a green, light blue, and mint.