Collage by -honey_vibes-


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it may look like I am following u and liking all of yr things because of the give away, but man! yr awesome!!! pls follow me!!!!!!!
Please help me get my other account on the pop page! ❤️ Go to Settings, Feedback & Support, then look up Drawing_Lover and click on the first one, and then turn the switch on! Thanks ❤️🔥
ok! would u like to start?
no I dont🙁
follow me please😊
would u like me to make a background and then I remix it to u and u add words?
I use all kinds of fonts but I like Xtreem but u can use whatever for the collab
new blue theme on my page u should check it out👀 💦💙💎 u may even like it😱. 😂😂😂
yea I have a tutorial account
enter @the-pastel-games, they're trying to get more people to join! 😀