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aye welcome ❤️☺️🤘🏼
huge, warm welcome to pc, Jo!! can’t wait to see your collages and hope you learn to love this tight-knit community as much as I do!! if you have any questions feel free to ask me 💕 btw you can call me Cindy :D
aw thank you so much!!❤️ I can’t wait to see your collages! (I already have a feeling that you’re going to make some really amazing stuff :)
hi , I’m Tacy! welcome to pc , I hope you will make great friends and have a good time , 🥰💞 if you need anything let me know ! xoxo
welcome to pc!!! I can’t wait to see your wonderful creations💞💞 do you want to be friends? I’m enya✌️🥰
hello I’m whimZ! I’d be soooooo happy to be friends and I can’t wait to see ur collages!
Hiii welcome to PC! I’m excited to see your account! if you need anYthIng let me know❤️❤️ I’m ellie🤠
your welcome sweetheart 💘
so am I~
and tysm girlll 💞
welcome to pc!! if u hv any questions, feel free to ask me!! you can call me Becca :)
hey jo! that’s such a cute name!!!
*sees icon* I like u already
Welcome to PC, Jo(?)! Thanks for your nice comment on my latest 😔👊💖
uwu welcome! I’m Kelsey and if you need anything, I’m here!
hi welcome 💘
WELCOME to PC I would love to be friends just talk to me anytime and I can’t wait for what you have In store 😊🤙👊💞