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awwww dadađź’ž
*jumps into your arms and kisses your cheek* hehe
*kicks my feet around* what did you do today?
*rolls eyes* fun
*blushes and kisses back *
I want sushiiii
*gets in passenger seat *
dada eyes on the road! *giggles
are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?
kinda hard to run when your feet aren’t on the ground *giggles
*runs to the counter* lets see if they have a veggie roll
ooo they do! what you getting? *takes your hand
go order pwease
*finds a table*
this place is noice
*blushes and squeezes your hands*
dada your bunny smile is the cutest oml
when’s the food coming?
gets chopsticks and starts eating*
*shivers* it cold in here
smiles* thanks dada
keeps eating*
*gets up and goes over to you* what now?
hugs you and glares at the other girls*
smiles and kisses back*
goes back to the table*
WOMAN *puts hands on my hips* GET OFF MY MANS!
wanna get out of here dada?
pulls you to the car* go home or what?
gets out of the car and runs inside*
fine after
hmm.. lemme think...
pretends to think*
throws my clothes off and gets in with you*
hair starts to get soaked* hehe dada
tries to cover myself* gOd
d’ya wanna see what’s under my hands?
*slowly moves my hands away*
wiggles my ahh*
*wraps my hand around your dxck *
*water glistens on my bxxbs*
smirks* see something ya like?
breathes heavily *
g-g-go ah-head
I gtg to softball again but I love you
softballs over
anywho back to where we were
*moans* fxckkkk
*moans louder* FXCKKKKKKK!
slides my tongue in your mouth*