So, since I'm fully not back on yet..is it bad that I'm having second thoughts about coming back if I do get my phone fully back?

1000x1000 BlueSlushie--

Tap So, since I'm fully not back on yet..is it bad that I'm having second thoughts about coming back if I do get my phone fully back?

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..please don’t leave me..
re://*smiles barely* o-okay thank you..
*Hugs back*
I-I don’t really care I just feel really lonely..
even though I know I’m not
it’s okay I just wish I could help everyone but ig I cant
*Hugs back* But don’t worry cause when I get older my dream is to help everyone
*hugs back*
*Kisses your cheek*
me too
I love you too💕*Huggles back*
*nods* okay *smiles softly* thank you
*cuddles back* two bros cuddling 5 inches apart cause they are gay(but brothers except that didn’t fit in the song)
I really like that vine almost as much as I like Andrew..
Ik you probably don’t care about my opinion but I think you shod consider staying, I honestly like looking at your acc and what you post and I know there’s lots of people on here who would be quite sad if you left
uwu Yus I get your love finally omg I have a story to tell you😂
so why back when we first meet I had a huge crush on you like a huge crush on you but you were taken so like I was over here like oh okay😂😂And the only reason at the time that I stayed on Pc was for you now I do it for you and all the other friends I made *Huggles you*
my heart was also broken back then BUT ITS WHOLE NOW AND I WANNA MAKE YOUR HEART WHOLE TOO
ouo let me open your insides
so I can make you whole
I’m just being to needy and when I went on private idk it just felt like I wasn’t important or important to him
@caption: There are so many people here who care about you, including me, and we’ll all miss you but if you want to leave and it’s best for you then do it, but do remember you will be missed
x3 Hehe
How are ya doin? If you want to you can talk to me. I’ll listen.
*drinks the cider and hugs back* there’s not..?
*pets your head* yea but I don’t mind it I feel like others mind it when I am..
re: *hugs back* yes really, I love your acc and everything you post
*nods* I get it*hugs* cool I can’t wait.! can I ask something kinda annoying
should I talk to Andrew..? like we were talking then I went on private for reasons then cause I needed space but he hasn’t talked to me and idk if that’s just me being clingy
uwu Gimme Your les
ok fair..
*hugs tightly* thank you so much for the drawing I love it so much
*smiles a little*
your l e a b I a n
I just needed space like to breathe and relax and I noticed that no one really noticed when I was on private
*hugs back* yea..
please and no it’s fine
*eats one* thanks. oh my your ex husband now I’m gonna draw that or we try!
XD well I try to find them hot
holy 3hït that’s amazing I could see that
*gasps and jumps up and down* remixing?!?!!!!????!!!! aaaw yea
I was meaning an oc xD
the babies missed you *smiles* furbabies
or one to adopt my cripple ☹️
ouo I wanna rp with chu again
*smiles back*
good morning!
*hugs back*
and I had a 3hït ton of coffee too!
that’s tyson every day
..can I go on private for a bit..?
I need to de stress and find something destructive to do that will not hurt me if things go well
thank you
Mhmm *hugs you*
*hugs back*
*wraps you in a blanket*
thank you brother
You're welcome, if I go offline can you probably promise me that you'll get off of private?
I’m 90% sure that I can stay off private till you get back but if I can’t then I’ll make sure you know that I’m ok
*nods* okay
ha that’s gay