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I’m sorry but I completely disagree with almost everything u said. (sorry if that sounded rude). First off, u CANT compare homosexuals to murderers. 2nd, the Bible IS old and btw, HAVE U NOTICED HOW MANY FRIKIN VERSIONS OF THE BIBLE THERE R???!!!!! I think that’s ridiculous, honestly. And I know for a fact I CAN believe in God but also not “trust” the Bible. Bc I’m doing it right now :). Another answer... I believe God DOESNT MAKE MISTAKES. He is perfect. Which is exactly why he created LGBT ppl in the world EVEN THOUGH he knew that they would be LGBT, because as we all know God knows the future for us. So don’t u think that God wouldnt just send down LGBT ppl to earth just so that once they died he could send them to hëłł? Maybe that’s a question u could ask yourself :)
okay, I just read this, (super sorry if you didn’t want anyone else to!!!). I believe that somewhere there is someone who made this world and controls/controlled it. That person may or may not be called God. Although, I am one of those people who believes that everything happens for a reason. People die, for a reason, people love each other, for a reason. I don’t really get the part where you I ask wether or not the reader thinks God makes mistakes... Are you implying that he does and that LGBTQ+ people are mistakes? or are you saying he did it on purpose? I am assuming the first possible answer. So you believe that God makes mistakes. I think that everyone can make mistakes, just a little slip up here and there. I don’t believe that LGBTQ+ people are mistakes. I think that they are just people God created to be tough enough to face a world of hate. That’s all! But you can have your opinions, and I’ll have mine.