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Inspired by @Awesome_Bunny ! She did the amazing glow, so I decided I might as well try to match her aesthetic. 🤔 not sure if it worked though LOL. I had a bit of a cold this week and had a minor breakdown thinking I caught covid- but nope it


🐻 Tap Here 🐻 Inspired by @Awesome_Bunny ! She did the amazing glow, so I decided I might as well try to match her aesthetic. 🤔 not sure if it worked though LOL. I had a bit of a cold this week and had a minor breakdown thinking I caught covid- but nope it

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🐻 Tap Here 🐻 Inspired by @Awesome_Bunny ! She did the amazing glow, so I decided I might as well try to match her aesthetic. 🤔 not sure if it worked though LOL. I had a bit of a cold this week and had a minor breakdown thinking I caught covid- but nope it was just a cold, whew. Hope everyone is doing well! Please rate 1-10. QOTD: book / movie recs ? AOTD: Hidden figures (movie)
10/10, it looks great! 🤎 I’m glad it wasn’t covid, my sister also thought she had it but she just has a virus lol. AOTD: I have so many, I’m not sure. 😬 Also I love Hidden Figures!!
I love this!!
aotd: little women (movie and book) and pride and prejudice (movie and book)
so excited u posted again kat! I’m so happy whenever u post
^^^ Omg was gonna list both those. 🫢🫢
You’re welcome!! 💕 Yus thankfully I didn’t catch it. 🫣 Ohhh well what genres do you prefer? I can list a few lol.
AH KAT I LOVE IT! You nailed it! Staggered texts and lines are totally my thing haha
Lol okay, and same I can’t really do horror either. 🫠🫠 Have you ever seen Cruella, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, (kinda creepy so idk) The Truman Show, or National Treasure?
Sorry those are random, and I probably can’t recommend books since I haven’t read in a long time lol.
Aahh this is stunning!! It's so cool cause you can see a bit of her and a bit of you in it, like it's your styles merged :)
oh ok lol! they’re really great!
ahhhh this is STUNNING 🤩🤩
how have you been💕
the fact that michelle’s last post is related to you and yours is inspired by hers is just crazy- haha. it’s just insane how your styles are quite alike but different in your own ways, each unique with the style but it’s just perfect lol.y’all shld collab man.
i rlly like the background tho-
hope you get well soon <3 stay safe and take care of yourself :) ♾/10 as always and AOTD: idk sorry, haven’t been able to watch a movie lately or read a book haha
the text is STUNNING!!!
I love the bg! and the text layout is so PERFECT!!!💖
oh lol I always get scared when I get a cold bc think it’s Covid lol 😂 but anyways hope your feeling better Kat❤️!
♾♾♾♾/10!! no I’m serious Im actually 😻 I’m love
aotd: Little Women! definitely recommend it! and the book Freak the Mighty! it’s soo good!
yeah lol I wanted to try something new lol it’s never late!
hru? ❤️
I’m okay 👍🏻 thx for asking:))
omg of course I’m down! that would be an honor😩
haha I read her comment and I agree that our styles are both similar yet different. like this collage is totally the perfect blend of some Kat and Michelle. Like why haven’t we done a collab.
Thank you ❤❤
I don't always know what to say, but I really appreciate all your comments so much. Also side note, but I love it when you use my name in your comments like idk why but that makes me feel so nice 🥰
I love how both you and michelle kinda held onto an older style and always stay true to yourselves. Also read that you might collab and honestly that would be amazing!!
ohhhh that’s sad! are you allergic to pollen? and tysm how have you been♥️
ahh that’s a lot of allergies! I can have pets either my parents don’t like them... but yeah I am allergic to kiwi 🥝😬😭
Hey you’re down, I’m down, let’s make it happen! The world isn’t ready.
ooo love this!! @caption ahh same I literally freak out once a week thinking I got Covid 🙃 aotd: I just finished reading We Are Okay by Nina Lacour and it was pretty good!
This is gorgeous!!! I really love the look and color scheme of the text! Glad you don’t have covid! Aotd: I just read These Shallow Graves and it was so good, definitely recommend and I’ve recently gotten into mysteries so anything by Natasha Preston is great as well. Also The Fault In Our Stars is a great read if you haven’t already read it! As for movies: really cheesy but Feris Bueller’s Day Off
aw tysm!!!
also hru kat? I tried yet ANOTHER style, what do you think?
Thank you! ❤️
I have time! Make sure you have time too! But I don’t mind if we take days or weeks to finish! The more thought out the better :)
I actually don’t prefer either. You can pick.
aw tysm!! yea I was thinking of that lol! any advice or improvements?
Ok I’m in the same boat. These days I feel like I’m thriving making backgrounds. Idk. Here’s a thought, what if we split the collage in half lol
You’re onto something 👀👀
Hm honestly I don’t really think of a theme. Sometimes I just find whatever pics look good together and go from there. Like the collage today started out with yellow flowers and somehow turned into lots of lemons.
I’m also open to any theme as well. If you have any in mind tell me!
Literally me. Scrolling through hundreds of pics on the search page. You can absolutely tell what my next collage will look like. Ok I’ll do some hunting and see what options I can come up with.
haha thank you :) that’s a great idea- I felt that it was super plain at the top and didn’t know what to put so…I’ll try and see what works and let you know :D it’s pretty cool as a collage still lol haha. I LITERALLY SAW COMMENTS OF U AND HER PLANNING ON THE COLLAB ON HER PAGE- y’all are literally listening to my crazy ideas too much-
would like to see it tho :D
aAA THIS IS SO PRETTYYY- @caption I don’t have many movie recommendations, I don’t really watch them anymore loL, but the truman show is one of my all time favourites as well as maleficent (altho the second movie is better than the first imo), as for book recommendations I could go in forever lmaø, buy my favourites are red, white and royal blue; eragon; caraval; spellslinger
hey how have you been?
I guess we did 😂
yeah I really hope so!
Hi!This is my new confessions/advice account. Everything you need to know is posted <3
thank you!!
and yeah, it’s definitely a lot easier said than done haha. i think a crucial think that i’ve been keeping in mind and that we should all keep in mind is that we’re only here for a limited amount of time. there’s no time to be dissatisfied with life. it’s definitely not going to be easy, but that thought most definitely propels me fowards
well, can’t wait for it :) and honestly am glad to have said about it haha because everyone isn’t ready to get their mind blown by the both of you ❤️
I love how you only used one type of font for your whole text in this collage and how the colors match so well with the collage itself and the filter was a very nice choice it helps tie the whole collage together, great job,I love this very much!❤️
re//: what a mood- mine are just random words and incoherent sentences of info about them, and I feel you constantly reworking old characters, I do it all the time just scrolling through their profiles and going ‘I’m gonna update the backstory of this oc I haven’t touched for over a year and has no relevance to the story’ :’)
aweee tysmm!!! I really like Gem’s style so I tried it but glad you liked it!!! how have you been?
Thank you!!
It was kinda the same for me too, I had found so many pictures I wanted to use for so long, but it never fitted with anything, so I just wrote a piece to go with it :)
That must have been annoying haha, at least with my name that won't happen on here, tho I don't think anyone knows how to pronounce it correctly 😂
Awwwww your welcome!💞
aww ty🥲💕💕
thank you ☺️💗
It's A - nouk, and then it's an a as in all and nouk as in book. Hope that makes sense :)
I remember this one story my mom told me how English people on a camping just couldn't get my name right, even after telling them like a million times, so don't worry haha, it's just so different from English names/words
ahhh tysmmm!!! how have you been! and yes Harry Potter is amazing!!
thank you!! that really means a lot. i personally haven’t experienced it either, so i did have to do my research. speaking of which, yeah my brother is alive and well😩✋ i thought about putting a disclaimer, but i ultimately forgot lol
well regardless, i hope you enjoyed your time off and are able to rest up this weekend <33
2 it is! I also wanted to try it haha. Who do you want to do? And should we split it top/bottom, left/right, or diagonally?
Yeah I think that's what makes it so difficult, because english doesn't have much a's like that, while we almost always say it like that haha :)
ahhhhh this is STUNNINGGGG
like i actually am obsessed with it
aotd: little woman it’s a book and movie but i don’t read so i just watched it lol it’s amazing !
also do you see my comments?
no bec i had this prob that no one saw my comments but i guess it works now…
I literally adore your collages
I was trying to get the neon effect... how do you do it?
if you want to tell me that’s great if not that perfectly fine 😀
how have you been?
thank you kat!!
wow thank you so much!! this is beautiful 🤩
ahh omg tysm for letting me know!
also: what are your top stationery recs?? - from a stationery hoarder 💕 🖊
thank you <33 oml- I- that’s just offensive 💀💀 but yea, there shouldn’t even be ppl hitting one another anyways- ooo something I definitely didn’t know, thank you for telling me haha. i think like heels used to be worn by men in the past as well, idk, please do not trust random things that I say cos it may be wrong.
the circles didn’t even match at all 💀💀
oh interesting!
yes I think minimalist bujo spreads are so much more useful (for me at least) than those complicated ones. I did try complex ones and it wasn’t working..
I love tombow fudenosuke!! do you use the soft tip or hard tip? personally, hard tipped is easier for me lol
and the dual tipped ones are amazing too!! I got a mini pastel pack and I love them lol!!!! have you tried ecoliners??
ahhhh tysmm!!! I did try it and the results are awesome!!!!! I’ll post it soon so you can see!!! thank you sooo much Kat! you’re really sweet♥️
I love this👰I am inspired by you! I have posted:)
yes!! but I do have a warning: they are super juicy and watery
so, you might want them for bigger projects and thicker paper! otherwise, they are absolutely lovely!
ooh cool I am trying to get more control with the soft tip, any advice?
tysm I was so confused on what to do😭 but glad u like it! Robotics team? How’s that going? No break for you then🥲
hey kat!! my newest post is for you lol!! tell me what you think please! 💕 🍋 🌱
Thank you so much that means a lot coming from a bujo professional like you!!
me too!! and ty once again💕
yes you are kat! do NOT deny it!!
oh thank you!
that’s so helpful! cuz lately my downstrokes are the same thickness as my upstrokes and I’m just crying over the cràppiness lol 😂
aw yeah I feel you!
wait are you in college??
oh yeah the brush fraying is so annoying- it happens to the tombow duals too!!
sure… but doing both is just another level
and you are a genius kat!
yeah you’re right!! my time management skills are a little.. um.. shall we say.. rough
EUGH I cringe just thinking about that!! I’m glad I got some super cheap crayola ones lol!
yeah tombows are just ridiculously expensive
thank you Kat! 🥺❤️
Hm I’m feeling Artemis and I’d think you’d do a great Apollo! Diagonally sounds good 👌
haha yeah!
new post!!
ahh i’ve been doing alright
yeah sr year literally = stress 😫
i’m in school rn procrastinating 😃😃😃
wbuu what’s been up in ur life
helllooo again!!
No worries! And sounds good! I guess I can do it first since I kind of have an idea already
thanks Kay!
hi! i posted your account review, let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you 🥰