This is the final collage of ‘My followers control my collage’, what do you think... I dunno... please be honest! Love yall! ♥️♥️♥️

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TAPP! This is the final collage of ‘My followers control my collage’, what do you think... I dunno... please be honest! Love yall! ♥️♥️♥️

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oh my gosh this is so AMAZING it is unlike anything I have ever seen before!!😱😱😱so unique!!!! I love the chokers!💕💕💕this must get a feature!!!!!! I am not just saying this I love it!!!💯💯💯👏👏👏💖💖😊😱☺️💯👍
oh and thankyou so much! I’m so glad I came across you aswell!☺️☺️💖
I agree with the first comment! this HAS TO GET FEATURED! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
awww same to you hun! I’m glad to have a bestie like you! 💞💞
have fun at school! 😂😘😘😜
whoa *faints* it’s BOOOOTIFUL
yes go ahead!!
and i agree this should be featured!!!
gurl I’m absolutely luvvvvving it
can u do the same style for don’t call me angel
This is gorgeous!!!
🙋🏻‍♀️ raise your hand if you want this Featured!
Aww! Madihah u r too kind!
awwww np madihah! if I was to support anyone it would be you! love you bestieee! 💞
this is beautiful!! and yess! let’s collab
I might not wanna do that style even though I kinda like it
I’ll do a different one tho!
Omg I h ft tdygidjhsigsigugshjsjshjshj this is too amazing woeoeoeoeoow
I love u so much!
Can u let me know when ur bday is too
this is the bg I thought of tell me if you want a different style
I’m sorry, I just started another project, and a battle of the collagers so I don’t think I’ll have time for another collab. I’m sorry!
you’re so kind awwww
if you can’t remix on my post, try: remixing on someone else’s entry, remixes in a different one of my posts and just making sure to tell me what it is, or posting it on your own page and letting me know. if you don’t want to keep it posted, I can screenshot it and remix it for you)
Aww thanks! No problem!
tysm!! and i know u could!♥️
ok, do you have any ideas?
Awww I’m so glad too! I know we did a collab already but can we do another?
how about a character that a lot of people like but usually forget about? or maybe a celeb
ok, well D1amond_ has the same problem yesterday, but she was able to finally remix today, I hope it works out, but even if it doesn’t, I know that you’ve made the collage and tried your best to share it, so I’ll let you through to the next round even without the pass if you still can’t get it to work
Ok same! It’s 10:30 here
Shall I make the chat page?
I made it!
round one of battle of the collages is out come and enter
i’m sorry my collabs are closed rn😕 school is just a lot and i’m really busy. keep up the good work tho! your work is amazing!!♥️
I like this
you’re edits are absolutely stunning!!!♥️♥️♥️ you have a gift
and honestly you deserve way more followers than me love!!!
Hey!! your apart of my 600 followers and i’m doing another Fandom Games to celebrate! Sign ups are up now and id love for an awesome collagers like you to join!! hope you consider! Always remember Your loved by God no matter what!😁💜🥳
good luck on ur battle of collgeres hope u win!!!
Oh my gosh! This is so pretty! I love your account! You're such a kind and talented collager!! Would you like to collab?
yes sorry i should have clarified! you can make your own collage :)
I’m not sure maybe try it on another fone or something
if it still doesn’t work u can send me the collage Nd I’ll submit it for u
Congrats! You are one of the many people to be chosen for my collabs! Please look in my Remixes for our chat page♥️
To celebrate 800 followers, I am holding an Icon Contest, please join and spread the word!
hi! Repost my most recent post for an automatic place in my games and help me get my spots filled thanks!
no, take your time! and tysm you’re so sweet!😊❤️
ok send the collage to me Nd I’ll try it