AHHHHH I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT!!!💓✨ What do you guys think!?! Also do you all mind me posting every 3-4 days for quality content? Idk if it’s too long of a wait... but I want to make sure I’m proud of what I post😛


🌴COLLAB WITH🌴 -whiteroses- AHHHHH I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT!!!💓✨ What do you guys think!?! Also do you all mind me posting every 3-4 days for quality content? Idk if it’s too long of a wait... but I want to make sure I’m proud of what I post😛

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wow this is sooo goooddd
omg thank you so so much that means so much to me because you are literally my idol and famous on pc x your account is literally goals and wow you are so talented
this is adorable!!!!
(Thank you for the tip lolol)
yessss omg I would love to collab
omg rly? tysm!!!! 💕😱
and this is just absolutely STUNNING!
you really do hv talent YouHaveTalent XD
Noice! 🌴
And yeah it’s up to you!
aww thank you
ahhh thanks!😘 tbh I don’t really like that one😆🌿
I love your acc! it’s absolutely stunning!!😱🌈
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omg this is stunning!!! take as long as you like to make these collages, they are definitely worth the wait!!❤️❤️
ik!!! It makes absolutely no sense! it’s happening way to much now!
this looks so nice!!😊😆and I don’t mind waiting 3-4 days! take your time😊💕
This is sooooooo beautiful! So are all your collages of course, I freaking love your account 😝❤️ Anyway, great job!!!!!
ahhhhh this is AMAZING!!
this collage is so cute♥️
thank you for the follow and like😊
thank you so much! you’re so nice♥️♥️
awwww really??! tysm!! And yay!! you live in the US like me!!!
okay😁 thanks btw for complimenting my painting. Do u wanna choose the quote??
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YAY! You’re like my inspiration!! ✨❤️
Do you want to do the text or the pic?
Ok! Sounds Good! Do you want to do two? I could do the text in one and the pic and quote on the other?
Because same for me I LOVE your text style!!
Also Thanks 💖💖
“Let your slime change the world but don’t let the world change your slime”
ok thanks 👍🏻
I meant smile
Don’t follow _Samantha_Legens_ shes fake
Yeah lol😂😂
Did it ⬆️
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I love your account!!!!!! it's amazing!!!!!!!!
Omg your collages are so gorgeous, It really doesn’t matter how often you post, I don’t think it’s possible to get any better! 😱😍
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hey YouHaveTalent can you check out my most recent collage
Hey are we still doing the collab?
so when do you want to start on our collab
Hey, are we still doing the collab?
you’re welcome! thanks so much, you are amazing! xx
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this is so good!
wE hAVe NoT tAlKed iN fIve MiLLioN yEaRs
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I’m crying this is so good
wanna collab
I love this 💕
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