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Heart 14 Response 27
Sara walked in, she was never a big
fan of dresses, but it was the Selection
after all.
Sara finally found one that she liked
and she had a lot of spare time. She
didn’t exactly know where to go. She
would of trained, but it seemed unruly
So she just stood there and waited for
others to show up.
(It’s okay!! Thank you!)
Pippa walked into the room. She noticed...
...others had already gotten there and...
...claimed there dresses. She found one...
...she liked and said, “May I please...
...try this on?”
Harmony entered a room full of dresses
she was in awe of how beautiful they were
she walked around and chose one
mya came in and saw that there were dresses. But she already had one! She is always prepared. oh well. I
guess I will just wear the one I have, I dont want to carry it around the whole time!
(I didn’t see the dresses)
hope I’m not too late...