something a little different

1067x1067 its_noemi

:) 8/12/19 something a little different

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this is amazing ❤️
thank you 🥰
I love this 💫
thank you so much! i’ll try to get the collab done as soon as posible
thank you!
so cute🤭
thank you 💗
i’ll get started! i’ll let you know if it doesn’t work tho
ok thanks
i think i kinda like it with the black letters
i tried another color tho so i’ll show you and you pick your favorite
glad you like it ☺️
This is awesome! ❤️
no problem, you definitely deserve it🧡u hv an amazing account I hope u kno that😊
pretty fonttt
thank uu
hi! I love your icons that u make, so do u mind if u can make me one😂It’s ok if you can’t tho
Also this is soooo pretty💖✨🌼
glad you like it ☀️💞
thank youuu <33
hehe thank youuu
you could do it like a care bare aesthetic likes urs💖ty
thank you so much!! love this. and your whole account is amazing!! would you like to be friends? I’m razz :D
Hey! I love your account so much!!!! Its so pretty!!!! I was wondering if you want to be friends I’m Alex!!! and can you also make me an Icon?
thank you!
ahhh ty 💕💕
awh my names razz
you’re collages are stunning!!😭🤯🧡🧡🧡
thank you! 😌
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awww ty💓
thank you!! 🥰💞
Uhh Surprise me with the Icon! What match’s with me..!!!
awh nice to meet you too. all your edits are gorgeous!!🧡
aww thx💗
🚨ALERT aLeRt, alerttt..😂copy and paste segment🚨 Greetings fellow, amazing collager😍I would like to ask if you could participate in my icon contest (I will hopefully only waste 5 minutes of your time, maybe less) 🌼All you have to do is make an icon of ur choice (no username, just a character and some pngs)🧸pls participate, it would mean sm. Sorry for bothering u. thx for reading tho. Have a beautiful day💗
thank you!💕💕
tHaNkS bRo💕